Warning Graphic: Ill State Troopers Work to Save Gunshot Victim on the Dan Ryan

Posted by on August 1, 2018 1:40 pm
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WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Bloody Chicago, Maggio News Video.
This situation all started when a man was found wounded in the parking lot of Connies pizza in the Bridgeport neighborhood, and another was found was found uninjured near the expressway at 31st Street, the man found by Connies told police a man was shot and killed somewhere on the Dan Ryan Expressway, soon the call came out over the radio and then police fanned out to find the vehicle and when the Chicago police found the car, a couple of Illinois state troopers were already working the scene.
As I started filming the troopers removing the wounded 25-year-old man from the car they soon realized he was shot in the back of the neck area, the trooper was assisted by a female trooper, they laid the man down on the ash fault and started to administer CPR,

this dramatic event went on for over 7 minutes, and the reason for this was, the ambulance was most likely having a hard time reaching the scene due to the traffic bottle neck created by this incident.
I couldn’t help but noticing how hard the troopers were working to save this man, it as though he was one of their own family members, it was unclear at the time how the two other passengers got off the 6 story expressway overpass,
I soon learned they exited from the south bound I55 ramp and then jumped down to field below, it was never made clear what their involvement was in this incident. When the ambulance finally arrived, the paramedics took over and worked on the man for an additional couple of minutes, but then the man died on the scene, and a short time later was covered with a white sheet.

I have a few things to say about what I witnessed on that dark expressway Friday night, people are now seeing just how tragic all this insanity is taking place in Chicago, now we have a man that lost his life, and a now family has to burry their son, and lets not forget about the troopers that sadly lost the battle between life and death,and will have to live with this tragedy for the rest of their lives.

People just don’t realize the toll tragedy’s like this take on everybody touched by incidents like this, and people should be grateful for cops like this because one day it could be you or one of your family members in need of serious help like this, and next time the feeling arises to bash cops because some cop makes a mistake or a bad judgment call, think about this video and these two TROOPERS that went above and beyond the call of duty, before you do that.

a 34-year-old man was shot while crossing the street at the red line station early Saturday morning, a person in a car fired shots at the man and was hit in the shoulder and was taken in stable condition to U of C. Area Central investigating. And the shooter is still at large, About 2 years ago I did a piece on this violent stretch of Boulevard where this man was shot, I call the area the center hub because three major neighborhoods that all have a large gang presence share this Business district. and quite frequently gang members run into each other at the businesses the red line or the expressway ramps and the shooting starts and this is why so many shootings happen at Garfield Boulevard and the Dan Ryan