Video: Charlie Kirk on Fox Regarding Cash Strapped Chicago Proposes Universal Income Program

Posted by on August 16, 2018 1:07 pm
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Cash-strapped Chicago, Illinois facing a crisis. Proposing 500 bucks a month to 1,000 needy families. Meanwhile the city’s most red newspaper, “The Chicago Tribune” firing back to quote the tribune power’s plan suffers from a number of flaws. The most obvious being how would Chicago pay for it Turning Point U.S.A. founder Charlie Kirk was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago joins us right now from our nation’s capital. Charlie, this is the idea one of these democrats alderman out in Chicago for the people who need money let’s just give them 500 bucks and see how that goes.

Charlie Kirk: Money they don’t have, by the way. Chicago already has a broken pension system, failing public schools, extraordinarily high taxes. and a business climate that is making job creators go out of the state, and I think this is a continuation toward the road of socialism in America. It’s very easy to be generous with other people’s money, but it’s also horrifying when you don’t have that money in the first place, and if you look at the broken cities in America, they are routinely run by democrats, that run the cities into total bankruptcy. You see murder rates go up. You see the public schools completely and totally decline, and Chicago is no different from this. You see these democrat politicians that have no answers to why the city is completely broken over the last 80 to 100 years under democratic control. Oh well, let’s try socialism and try taking away money we don’t have to try to win over votes.

Steve: Kind of sounds like an election year, doesn’t it?

Charlie Kirk: almost like they want to win over votes. exactly.

Steve: Exactly, a lot of people have been talking about socialism. we have been talking about how popular it all started with Bernie Sanders. he was on last night with Stephen Colbert and he says this whole socialism thing is going mainstream. Watch.


Bernie Sanders: So the ideas that we have been talking about almost without exception, Stephen, are now ideas that are mainstream ideas that are supported by the vast majority of the American people.


Steve: You know what, Charlie, an hour ago we quoted a hill-harris x barometer poll said 76% of the americans wouldn’t vote for a socialist candidate, apparently is he looking at different numbers.

Charlie Kirk: I deal on universities all across the country. I encounter more people that self-identify as socialist or marxist than democrats. The next generation is told a complete and total fabrication about the truth of socialism over the last 100 years. Young people are always the first ones to fall in line around the lie and promise of you utopianism. Bernie Sanders is smart, he promises free stuff that we cannot afford a generation that does not know any better, but you have seen in the ballot box socialism has not been doing very well in the last couple primary votes.

Steve: Charlie, I have actually been to some Bernie Sanders rallies, and they love him for that very purpose there are lot of people in the audience don’t have anything, so the fact that there is a guy up on the stage and he is telling me I’m going to get a free college. I’m going to get a free you name it, I love that guy.

Charlie Kirk: Right, marxism and socialism is always built on the best intentions of the public to be able to enrich the elites, it’s the politicians that are actually going to benefit from socialism. This is the most important thing. When I talk to young socialists, they think that Bernie sanders and those on the left are on the side of freedom. They are not. They are on the side of making government bigger and making our lives smaller. The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.

Steve: All right. Charlie Kirk who runs into a lot of socialist and extraordinarily marxists on campuses, Charlie, thank you very much.