Where Did The Caravan Go?

Posted by on November 11, 2018 7:54 pm
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This is an editorial written by David Bruining of TPUSA News. These are the views of the author. This opinion article does not represent the views of stance of Turning Point USA. 

In Responce To: “Trump’s Border Deployment Could Cost Between $200M and $300M” – CNN Politics

As always, deploying troops anywhere costs money. If these Active Duty Troops and National Guard Troops were not receiving approximately $120 per day then maybe the complaint would be that not enough money was being spent on border security. But that begs another question: why is this an issue? This great country is not to be flooded with a host of unknown peoples; the benefits of America are for the citizens of this country only. America is the home of a free populus and the brave willing to protect that, not home of the free benefits. We understand that this caravan is in “need” and is seeking “asylum” but that does not matter, especially after all that they have done to prove that they are “needy.” After bypassing an offer of asylum from Mexico and causing an uber amount of destruction and havoc along their route, this “helpless” group of people is becoming less and less credible. According to multiple news sources and videos as seen on twitter, this group has no respect for law enforcement, moral values, or a sense of family structure. According to the Department of Homeland Security, there are over 270 individuals with a criminal history, some of which being gang affiliated. This does not include with the intent to do criminal actions or, frankly, those that have not been caught for their actions yet. Moreover, an article in the Washington Post on November 1st (“Bandaged feet, bleeding hands, violent coughs: The caravan takes its toll”) outlines basic child abuse along with morally and humanitarly unjust conditions endured by those involved in the caravan. These people are not friendly, loving, or compassionate; these people are hurting themselves and their children. The US will not stand to let a massive group of criminal, harmful, undocumented, illegal migrants enter this country without any legal right to.

CNN sites that when at the Pentagon, spokesman Col Rob Manning said, “I don’t have a cost estimate for you, the Department will absorb the cost.” Obviously an exact cost is not readily available; we do not know the extent that the government will take this. Nonetheless, this is a matter of national security. The cost should not gravely matter. For the safety of the American people, for the safety of our democracy, for the safety of our freedom, we as Americans should not be worried about the cost of this operation. Instead, let us be worried about what will happen if this violent caravan is allowed to freely enter our country: assault with deadly weapons, armed robberies, sexual assault on children, assault of women, and rape of women–not to mention the attack on the fabric of our nation. We cannot sit back and criticize the greatest President in modern history for wanting to–willing to–raise the bar on the security of our great nation. In addition, Obama sent troops to the border in 2010 as part of Operation Phalanx, costing roughly $110M in the first year. Operation Phalanx was the successor to Operation Jump Start which costed $1.2B between 2006 and 2008. And if you do the math, that’s $1.31B spent in 3 years on the security of our border–without a swarm of unknown peoples trying to force their way in.

With all this talk of budgeting, cost saving, and looking for a place to send the bill, why are so many news outlets in such support of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old Latina running for Congress? She has absolutely no idea where she will end up with upwards of $40 trillion to back her socialist agenda. Will the American taxpayer simply pick up this bill? I hear almost every media provider talk about President Trump’s border security budget, how he is planning to get funding, how attainable it is or is not, why it is or is not a good idea. I hear nary a murmur on Cortez’s budget, her plan for success, how her budgeting is going, or how it will affect the average American. This is, however, an entirely different subject to cover. Quite honestly, this caravan has so little to give yet so much to take from America. For that is why they need to be stopped and vetted before entry into our beautiful country. We, as Americans, have everything to lose while they everything to gain.