Op-Ed: CNN Is Un-American

Posted by on December 27, 2018 12:29 pm
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Written by David Bruining 


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Just yesterday, the President of the United States made a surprise visit to our troops in Iraq.  There, POTUS took selfies, passed out MAGA hats, and built up rapport with our troops.  This means everything to the troops overseas and is everything a great President would do.  In fact, former President Barack Obama did the same thing.  He visited the troops in Baghdad, Iraq, Afghanistan, and lots of others countries.  What’s stunning is that Obama did the same thing–he signed autographs, gave out posters, even campaign memorabilia.  According to Col. Rob Maness (via Twitter), these trips from Obama did not matter to news sources!  It only matters now because it is Trump.  CNN, NBC, and other left-sided news sources were slamming President Trump for not visiting the troops on Christmas, but when he visits them on December 26th–1 day later–the media has an outrage.

CNN is un-American.  That is what it comes down to.

In response to CNN’s tweet of this event, the Department of Defense’s guidelines for this activity has nothing to do with a visit from the President.  According to the DoD guidelines, on page 2, military personnel can “express their personal opinions on political candidates and issues, make monetary contributions to a political campaign or organization, and attend political events as a spectator when not in uniform.”  Getting an autographed MAGA hat from the President can be considered a personal opinion; therefore, nothing ‘brushed up against’ the DoD’s guidelines.  But even so, since when is seeing the President of the United States–as a member of the military–even considered opinionated.  The President is the military’s Commander-In-Chief.  Those whom are on duty in the military, as those off duty alike, should be able to see their commander whenever and wherever he or she comes to visit.  This should not be a political issue at all.  But, as CNN loves to do, bashing President Trump seems to always be the just viewpoint.


The fact of the matter is this: CNN does not stand for American values, American principles, or the American people.  CNN went as far as saying that Trump is like ‘the Grinch’ who stole Christmas from the troops.  The fact that a news source, one that stands on bringing the phrase #FactsMatter, cannot say that the President of the United States visiting the troops is a good thing is appalling.  It is not just un-American; it is the opposite of American.  It is anti-American.  This has nothing to do with how the left hates Trump.  This has everything to do with how the left hates America.  CNN’s negative coverage of our President is why the American populous hates the media.  The media cannot–and will not–exemplify a love for America.  The troops in Iraq love America.  They love the USA.  Our troops around the globe love the USA.

 The media simply cannot handle what the silent majority feels.

Look at CNN’s renowned ‘journalist of the year’: 14 stories falsified.  14 times the audience of CNN was betrayed.  14 times America was betrayed.  The left must go to these extreme measures in order to convince people that America is not doing as great as it truly is.  The journalist had to fabricate names, quotes, and facts of these stories.  This begs the question, how would things be different if this hadn’t had happened?  Would opinions be changed?  Would emotions be calmed?  But this also begs, has CNN done it other times, too?

CNN is not a facsimile of how Americans feel.  They are not a facsimile of American values.  The solipsism of the left in the media, education, and Hollywood is ridiculous and outrageous.  Simply put, there is no line of questioning at CNN.  No second-guessing.  Just demonizing the right and demonizing the American people.





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