4 killed, 15 wounded in Jerusalem truck attack that may be linked to ISIS

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A long streak of violence continues as a Palestinian man who may be linked to ISIS rammed his speeding truck into a group of Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem Sunday before being shot dead.

Five people were arrested after the attack, including the attacker’s father and brother, who may be linked to the event.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at the scene and said the assailant had been identified and is likely “a supporter of the Islamic state.”

The Prime Minister also suggests a pattern between this brutal attack and the recent ISIS truck attacks in France and Germany.

Netanyahu said in a statement Sunday:

“This is part of the same ongoing battle against the global scourge of terrorism. We can only fight it together, but we’ll fight it.”

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon said in a statement, “Today we saw evil and cruelty incarnate. ”

“This murderous attack is a direct result of murderous Palestinian incitement. I call on the Secretary General and the Security Council to condemn this terror attack immediately,” Danon continued.

Security camera footage of the disturbing scene was posted by The Times of Israel.



The Jerusalem Post reported that those killed in the attack include three women and one man, all in their 20s. The paper also reported that there were bullets in the truck’s windshield while some were still stuck under the truck when police and first-responders arrived.

The video shows the driver putting the truck in reverse and attempting to run people over a second time before being shot dead.

Leah Schreiber, a witness at the scene, told reporters, “He drove backward to crush more people. That was really clear.”

Military correspondent to the Jerusalem Post, Anna Ahronheim, posted photos of all four victims on Twitter.

An Islamic militant group called the Palestinian Hamas movement praised the attack but did not claim responsibility. Abdul-Latif Qanou, a spokesman for the movement, said it was a “heroic” act, calling on others to “escalate the resistance”.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat told residence to go about their everyday lives while still being cautious.

“Unfortunately, there is no limit to the cruelty of terrorists who spare no means in killing Jews and disrupting their way of life,” the mayor said.

“Those who incite and support terror must pay a heavy price.”

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