$412,000 spent on study on “How to Make Glaciers Feminist”

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No, this isn’t a joke.

President Obama and the rest of the cronies in D.C. are certified experts at wasting the American people’s hard-earned money. In fact, Barack Obama has doubled the national debt in eight years — which is more than horrifying.

What’s almost more horrifying than that? Perhaps the most ridiculous study is the 2016 on “feminist glaciology” by the peer-reviewed journal Progress in Human Geography.

The study, published in January, notes that “relationships among gender, science, and glaciers” have been “understudied” (who knew they were being studied at all?), and it seeks to solve that by “proposing a feminist glaciology framework.”

The study was bankrolled with a $412,000 grant from the National Science Foundation. The primary author is Prof. Mark Carey of the University of Oregon, whose curriculum vitae says that since 2008 he has been a recipient or co-recipient of at least $2.3 million from the NSF between four different grants.”

Let’s revisit that… $2.3 million spent on someone who researches the intersection of feminism and glaciology.

Imagine what $412,000 could go towards instead. Perhaps the veterans who don’t get the healthcare they need deserve the nearly half a million dollars instead of the study of the gender of glaciers. Or maybe that huge hunk of cash should go towards infrastructure crumbling all across the country.

Do you think there should be a feminist framework for glaciology, or do you not care at all?

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