49ers restructuring Kaepernick’s contract

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After the 49ers’ loss to the Cardinals on Sunday, it is reported that the 49ers are restructuring Kaepernick’s contract to make the financial risk on their part less extreme. The new contract would allegedly alleviate concerns regarding injury guarantees in the quarterback’s current deal.

According to the NFL:

A reworked Kaepernick contract, which could be completed as early as Friday, would include giving him an option to void the deal after this season. The restructured pact would potentially eliminate roughly $14.5 million in injury guarantees for 2017 and could dissolve the final three years of a six-year deal that currently keeps him under contract through 2020, Rapoport added.

A new deal would eliminate the risk of the 49ers having to pay out guarantees Kaepernick if he gets hurt this season and would allow Kaepernick a chance to potentially test the free-agent market. If these parameters were put in place, the 49ers likely would be more willing to play Kaepernick moving forward because their financial risk would be drastically reduced.

Furthermore, the option to void his contract at the season’s close would give Kaepernick more control over his NFL career moving forward.


Although Kaepernick has yet to take the field this season, his highly controversial and hotly debated decision to refuse to stand during the national anthem in a silent protest against social inequality toward African-Americans and other minorities in the United States has been one of the major talking points of the 2016 season and has led to many other players participating in the protest.

The protests have also caused the NFL to lose millions of viewers and potentially millions of dollars in ticket sales and television fees from broadcasters.

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