5 Podcasts I Loved This Year

I spend a decent amount of time in my car.  I used to listen to audio-books to deal with the drive time, but I found myself not liking the way my uneven trip lengths broke up the books and getting new audio-books always came with costs.  That is when I made a switch over to listening to podcasts in the car.  As a political nerd there was no shortage of choices that would keep me both informed and entertained.  Here are 5 Podcasts I loved listening to this year.

  1. Presidential

Presidential is a podcast from The Washington Post that dives into a different President of the United State every episode and talks about the qualities that makes each of these individuals “Presidential”.  The podcast is great for taking a more personal look at some of the Presidents as opposed to just talking about their policies and performance in the job.  It is also a great resource to learn about the President’s who don’t get talked about as much.  So if you need to brush up on your Chester A. Arthur this podcast is for you.  From George Washington all the way to Donald Trump the Presidential Podcast will teach you something new every episode.

  1. Louder With Crowder

The always edgy Steven Crowder has a smart and funny weekly podcast that includes interviews, sketches, rebuttals, rants, and sometimes even songs.  Crowder’s style might not be for everyone, but the former voice actor for Arthur’s The Brain is a whip smart conservative voice that can appeal to younger folks more than the typical Fox News crowd.  Always good for a laugh or two, the Louder With Crowder podcast is a great pick for long car rides.

  1. Radiolab Presents: More Perfect

While this show has a bit of a lefty bend to it, but if you love the Supreme Court as much as I do then this is a great choice for you.  There has not been a new episode put out since June which I find infuriating, but the existing episodes are highly recommended if you have an interest in judicial politics.  More perfect digs into the details and background of some of the Supreme Court’s most influential cases.  Episodes deal with a wide range of topics like the death penalty, adoption, tribal law, and jury selection.  I recommend Kittens Kick The Giggly Blue Robot All Summer.  I know that will make absolutely no sense to anyone who hasn’t listened to the podcast, so go do it now.

  1. Revisionist History

Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History will blow your mind.  The idea of the podcast is to take on misconceptions and turn commonly held beliefs on their heads.  Gladwell covers a range of topics like how shooting free throws “Granny Style” is statistically superior, but very free pro athletes are brave enough to try it or how the vast majority of donors who give to higher education institutions are giving to the school who need it the least.  With a diverse number of topics you are sure to find at least one episode of Revisionist History that will be interesting to you.

  1. Daily Wire: Ben Shapiro and Andrew Klavan Podcasts

These are my everyday podcasts. Ben Shapiro and Andrew Klavan both have 30 min to hour long podcasts every Monday through Thursday and they are just great.  With segments like Good Trump, Bad Trump, Stuff I Like, Things I Hate, The Mailbag, and Dissecting the Culture, these two podcasts are a great source of daily information and every now and then you’ll get a good tip for a book to read or a movie to watch.  Smart and funny, I would highly recommend listening to both of these shows daily.