5 ways to use Evernote to run your life

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This semester, I’ll be taking a full load of classes, working three jobs, writing for three websites, devoting time to my spiritual, fitness, and mental growth, and keeping up with family and friends. This can be easily summarize in one word: BUSY. Some days, I can barely keep track of my own brain-thankfully, I don’t have to keep track of it.

Evernote does that for me.

Evernote is both an app and a website so you can use it on your smartphone and on your computer, and it consistently syncs in between the two. It is essentially a catch all; from lists to plans to budgets, Evernote can keeps track of everything, allowing you to create folders and tag items so they’re well organized and easily found. The ways you can use it are endless.

If you’re a busy college student like me, or if you just want your life and your brain in better order, Evernote is for you. Here are five ways you can use it to run your life.


Offering click boxes, bullet points, outlines and more, Evernote is where every single list that I make in my brain ends up. Like stated earlier, I write for three different websites, so I make lists of future article ideas so that when writer’s block comes, I have something to work with. I also make to-do lists, to-buy lists, baby names list (a girl can dream), reading lists, and more. I have never used a better app for list making.

Example grocery list. PC: VentureBeat


I create all my monthly budgets in Evernote. There are countless ways you could do this; I typically just do what I would do on paper, making sure to have separate categories, bolding what needs emphasis, and listing EVERYTHING. However, budget templates are available, and other people have countless examples of how to do this.

One example of a way you can use Evernote to keep track of finances. PC: FileThis


Photo capture allowed me to cut back on a lot of paper. For example, instead of keeping the agenda from a meeting because I had written notes all over it, I created a note titled with the meeting name and date, snapped a photo of the agenda, and then typed out whatever I would have jotted down within the notes. You can use photo capture in so many ways, from lecture notes to pulling together files of photos.

PC: Evernote Help & Learning


This tool is wonderful when I’m using my laptop. I read a lot of content, and I also like to refer back to a lot of what I read (because my short term memory absolutely sucks). Thankfully, Evernote has a web clipper extension that you can download. Whenever you read something you want to hang on to from then on out, all you have to do is click the Evernote icon on your Internet browser bar, and it will give you clipping options, let you keep the article title or retitle it, let you pick which folder it goes into, and automatically clip it into that folder. MAGIC.

Example of the options given to you by Evernote Web Clipper. PC: Clayton Nichols


Finally, Evernote is splendid for hanging onto info that will come in handy later. I have a list of addresses, reminders on billing dates, pieces of info about submitting articles that I could potentially forget, and more. It keeps everything organized and in one place so that it’s at your fingertips when you really need it.

Notes example. PC: Evernote Help & Learning

Here’s to Evernote helping you achieve a more organized 2017!


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