7 things to take away from the Winter in West Palm Beach Conference

7 things to take away from the Winter in West Palm Beach Conference

This weekend, hundreds of students from around the country are gathered in West Palm Beach, Florida for the second annual Winter in West Palm Beach Conference. Over the next few days, some of the best activists are coming together to hear speakers such as Tomi Lahren, Donald Trump Jr., Julie Borowski, Congressman Thomas Massie, Stephen Moore, and Senator Ben Sasse. With a diverse speaker lineup, these students all share the common love of limited government and free markets. Here are 10 things to take away from this year’s Winter in West Palm Beach Conference.

1. The importance of networking

This conference is full of successful speakers and ardent attendees. Getting to know as many people as possible will expand your overall network and help in future endeavors.

2. Practicing professionalism

With everyone dressing their best and being on their best behavior, this is the perfect opportunity to practice your professional skills. These will be vital in any career.

3. Finding your passions

Whether its policy, writing, or public speaking, this is the ideal place to find your niche. Try writing for Hypeline News or getting involved in your campus chapter. You’ll hear from journalists, economists, and elected officials during the conference, so this is the ideal time to explore your career options.

4. Pursuing lifelong friendships

This conference is full of students that are passionate about similar things. You will most likely meet some of your best friends at this conference; make sure to keep in touch through your journeys in politics.

5. Education on important issues and topics

There is so much to learn from speakers like Stephen Moore, economist and political analyst. You will learn an abundance of information on a variety of different important issues and topics.

6. How to be an activist on campus

You will learn how to be active on campus from experienced speakers and some of the best activists in the country. This conference will prepare you to effectively pursue activism on your campus next semester.

7. Opportunities by sponsors

There are multiple opportunities to get involved in such as Future Female Leaders. Explore the sponsor booths and browse organizations that you may be interested in. You never know what opportunities this may bring you.

In a conference room of 500 passionate students and a plethora of differing speakers, this event is undoubtedly one of a kind.