9/11 Memorial At Notre Dame Chalked With Anti-War Graffiti

notre dame 911 memorial covered in chalk graffiti
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Conservative students at the University of Notre Dame were shocked to see the chalk graffiti reading: “500,000 Iraqis Murdered” in front of their 9/11 memorial site on campus.

Anti-war message chalked on 9/11 memorial

The University of Notre Dame’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter had a surprise waiting for them when they went to set up their annual “9/11: Never Forget” memorial on the campus quad. A chalked graffiti anti-war message was left on the sidewalk to counter-act their display.

A chalked graffiti anti-war message was left on the sidewalk to counter-act their display. Someone had written, “500,000 Iraqis Murdered.”

Notre Dame


The Young American’s Foundation reportedly kept their memorial display standing on the quad, unfazed by the graffiti, according to Campus Reform.

Clare McKinney, the conservative chapter’s chairwoman, told the news site that this was the fourth year the Young American’s had participated in the “9/11: Never Forget” project. The group had promoted the memorial all over campus and hoped that a lot of her fellow students would get involved.

Disheartening to see the vandalism

The flag memorial was intended to “unite” the campus community” because the students are “all Americans” and it was important to the members of the Young American’s for Freedom group to promote “advancing and defending freedom.”

Notre Dame

The YA chapter chair did say that despite the fact that the memorial remained standing and mostly unaffected by the graffiti, it was “disheartening” to see that there were “students on campus who don’t support” their message.

The Young American’s for Freedom Foundation has reportedly never had issues with vandalism in the past. They are also currently unaware of who was responsible for the vandalism in front of the 9/11 memorial.

Clare McKinney said that they had started doing the memorial on campus a few years ago because the Young American’s group had “realized it was a problem” that students “didn’t have a close connection anymore to the event.”

university of notre dame
The University of Notre Dame’s 9/11 memorial gets covered in chalk graffiti.

Meanwhile, members of the conservative Turning Point USA chapter at Cleveland State University had their 9/11 memorial, which was drawn in chalk to commemorate those who lost their lives, was power-washed off of the sidewalk by the school’s maintenance staff.

According to Turning Point News, the school’s Director of Maintenance was ordered to remove the memorial.

Are you surprised that the Young American’s group decided to leave up the anti-war message that was written in chalk in front of their 9/11 flag memorial?

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