A Critique of College Culture

This is my second year enrolled in college. I attend a small, 4 year, public college in New York, and it is not as great as I was once told. One of the first things I noticed was how diversity (of the skin shade variety) was still a major “issue” on campus, when 30% of the students are visible minorities. However, even though diversity has, for all intents and purposes, been achieved, the administration still feels the need to further push for it; most likely by lessening standards for entry and offering scholarships and grants to people who would normally not qualify. This creates an influx of unqualified students who should not attend college, students who would be much better off financially learning a trade, joining the military, or perhaps advance in a career they are already familiar with. This is generally due to affirmative action policies, which contribute negatively toward drop out rates, particularly those of minorities, and also politicians attitudes towards higher education. Promises of “free college” and college being a “human right” have created a sense of entitlement among many a millennial who have become misguided in their search for meaning in life.

One major issue that has been nagging me, a traditional religious conservative, is the prevalence of artificial contraception and the pressure to use it, from peers as well as the university culture itself. Bowls normally used to hold candy now hold condoms and lubricants, readily available for anyone who feels like fornicating and becoming 1/4 college students that graduate with an STD. Used condoms are often left on the floor in hallways, for no reason other than someone’s laziness or disgusting glee someone could feel after using it. Decency has long been absent on the vast majority of college campuses, and this only further reveals how disgusting a lack of decency can be.

The ever present bias usually seen in college campuses makes no exception here, where the grave sins of communist dictators are brushed aside while the focus is instead on the Reagan administration’s stance on abortion (which isn’t relevant, because abortion is still thriving legally), or how Republicans’ wish to fix and reform a broken welfare system that has created mass dependency and prolonged poverty in minority communities, is anti-poor and racist. This reveals the following:

1) A lack of accountability for the actions of others (namely dictators in the 20th and 21st centuries) who subscribe to socialistic, Marxist, fascist ideologies which are shared by professors and administrators in higher education, and:

2) You don’t need a brain to be biased.


Something that ties closely with the Marxist and fascistic ideology that dominates campuses is the suppression of differences in opinions and values. Not even facts can escape this ideological inquisition aimed at purging dissidents (Non-violently. For now, at least). Any shred of criticism towards anyone with a “D” next to their name, or anything remotely “left-wing” or “progressive”, is immediately shut down and the person who dared utter such heresy is immediately verbally chastised and shamed. I find it funny how the Free speech movement has shifted over the years to those that are right-of-center who are tired of having their speech suppressed because of supposed “racism” or “hate speech”, or any other of the multitude of buzzwords used to shut people down.

Finally, perhaps the most disconcerting, yet subtle issue I have uncovered during my experiences is the utter and complete lack of moral direction and guidance. Phrases like “There is no wrong answer” and “That is true for you” dominate the airspace within lecture halls and commons areas. Morality just does not exist at a college campus. No one dares debate whether or not something is right or wrong, but merely legal or illegal, and as we all should know, legality is not a substitute for morality. Western culture is heavily influenced by law, therefore government. Recent intrusions by the government, in subtle attempts to replace religion, have created a moral vacuum; leaving many confused and also more prone to making poor decisions. It is best for everyone to keep an eye on the law. History shows us that laws aren’t always right and just. Laws have been discriminatory before, and I’m sure it could happen again. It is only a matter of time before laws are passed that directly and aggressively persecute some group. Jesus’ warning to be ever watchful is as prevalent today as it was 2,000 years ago. It would be best to take His advice.

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