A Hopeful New Era

A Hopeful New Era

Looking back on 2016, I realize how crazy the year was for America and the world at large.

The political sphere was tense, race relations were (and still are) at an all-time low, violence was at an all-time high, and we saw more mass shootings and terrorist attacks than we ever have before. Times were stressful, but we overcame the worst and made it into 2017 in (mostly) one piece. Now, with the inauguration of Donald Trump, I think that Americans can begin to have hope again. Even though the success of Donald Trump’s presidency is to-be-determined, his presidency will bring a fresh start to our country.

According to The New York Times, Donald Trump wouldn’t have made it through the primaries and all the way to winning the general election if he were lacking in intelligence. He is the first non-political candidate to win the presidency since Dwight Eisenhower. This shines a light on what he may do for our country. Hopefully, the Americans that voted for him have seen an intelligence in him that will provide stability for our country.

Donald Trump has made countless faux pas when it comes to the way he presents himself in the media, but I hope that his presidency brings out a part of him that Americans have never seen before. The next four years should be a true show of his character and a true testament to his character and intelligence. I pray that this new era will actually make America great again and that it will not be full of empty promises.

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