A New Conservative Era for the World?

A New Conservative Era for the World?

It has been 88 years since the Republican Party (GOP) has held a complete majority in the United States federal government. The last time the Republicans held a nearly complete majority in the United States was in 1929 before the beginning of the Great Depression. Just this past historic year, I have come to notice one thing as a student of social science. It is not just the United States going into a new Conservative Era, but the entire world is going into one as well.

The world is indeed becoming more conservative — especially in Europe. Many countries just this past year have fallen from their liberal majority in replacement for a new change in government in order to solve their problems.

Here are a few countries that have entered into the new conservative era along with the United States:


The United Kingdom was given the choice in 2016 to stay or leave the European Union, which is a union of European countries that praises on open-border policies (Free travel through all borders, universal currency, etc). The citizens took their opinion to the polls and successfully left the European Union. This angered former Prime Minister David Cameron to the point that he resigned, leaving his succession Theresa May in charge. We will have to see if the 2020 UK election elects a new leader or leaves Theresa May, a liberal in power.


On April 23, 2017, France is having an election to determine who their next President is going to be. From what the polls show, it looks like François Fillon, a conservative will win. However, polls tend to mislead, and we may see a parallel between the United States election and the French.


In 2016, a major scandal played out in Brazil, causing former President Dilma Rousseff, a liberal to be impeached by a 61-20 vote by the Senate. This caused a major shift in the government. It made the government go from liberal to conservative and making the then Vice President Michel Temer President of Brazil. The Senate is too divided by 13 different political parties in order to see if the shift will continue in their 2018 election.

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