A November to Remember in the Financial World

Thirty days ago, Wall Street had priced in better odds of Hillary Clinton as president-elect than Donald Trump and still was unsure whether or not the Fed would raise interest rates.

The tide has certainly changed over just one month.

Just following the biggest political upset in history, market expectations were upended, forcing traders to finally ponder a Trump administration in correlation to the markets.  So far, the investors must have a positive outlook on Trump, as they look forward to higher interest rates, less regulation, and lower taxes. Then the S&P 500, had its best monthly performance since July.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average then reached historical numbers, hitting the 19000 milestone for the first time ever on November 22. The broad-market index continued its rally, ending the month up 5.4% to 19131. The S&P 500 jumped 3.4% for the period, to 2199,  the Nasdaq Composite also rallied 2.6% to 5323. The Russell 2000, which highlights smaller companies, surged 11% to its best month in five years as traders believe those stocks will be insulated from the effects of a stronger U.S. dollar.

Time will only tell if this November surge will continue throughout the lame duck period of the Obama administration or throughout the honeymoon period after Trump’s inauguration?

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