Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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Turning Point News is a young-adult driven social news site that provides fresh and innovative web content, news updates, and entertainment. Our goal is to make important news culturally relevant and digestible for Millennial news consumers.

The Millennial generation doesn’t pick up a newspaper for information. Gone are the days of print media’s effectiveness at driving a narrative. Instead, the Millennial generation finds their information online and via social media. The Millennial generation predominately focuses on quick reads and fun lists. Turning Point News drives a conservative narrative online by crafting our message in an entertaining way for Millennials.

Becoming a writer is challenging, especially if you are a conservative. The media is dominated by liberals who are quick to rebuke all conservative viewpoints. Turning Point News gives young, conservative writers an outlet to be published and showcase their work. Turning Point News provides an outlet for over 150 conservative writers to date. With Turning Point News consistently reaching thousands every day, these writers have the opportunity to make a difference crafting a conservative narrative for their peers.

Turning Point News is one year old, but it’s impact is unquestionable. We have been commonly dubbed, “The BuzzFeed of the Right”. With activists in every state, Turning Point News has an ear on almost every campus to expose liberal bias. For example, Moriah DeMartino, a second year student at a college in Maryland, was denied the right to launch a Turning Point USA chapter on campus and told no such group could be established because of its political leanings. Turning Point News was the first media outlet to break the story giving Moriah the traction needed to fight her school and hold them accountable.

Turning Point News is constantly growing and breaking stories relevant to college students. The fantastic team of writers are changing the dialogue for Millennials. Turning Point News is taking back the media.

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