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About Us


Mike Allison – Editor

Actor. Producer. Voice-Over Artist. 

Kelvey Vander Hart – Assistant Editor

Kelvey Vander Hart is passionate about Jesus, conservatism, fitness, and fantastic coffee. Along with being a Staff Writer at Turning Point News, Kelvey is the Associate Editor at Caffienated Thoughts. Follow her other work at or follow her Twitter below.

Amanda Katherine – Assistant Editor and Social Media Manager

Amanda is an accomplished writer, content creator, and web designer with a background in business operations as well as media buying and optimization. She is also an espresso addict, puppy lover, reality television marathoner, music junkie, and style guru. Contact [email protected]

Michael McGrady – Assistant Editor

Michael McGrady is the evening Assistant Editor for Turning Point News and writes “The Review with Michael McGrady”
column covering national and international politics. He is also a nationally-syndicated columnist, libertarian pundit, and political operative. McGrady has been published, featured, or cited in The Wall Street Journal, The South China Morning Post, The Jerusalem Post, Fox News, The New York Post, Chicago City Wire, The Daily Caller, the U.S. governments Voice of America News and many other publications nationwide and abroad.

Krista Shawley – Assistant Editor

Krista is 22 years young, an outdoor enthusiast, lover of nature, and digital nomad. She is currently living her dream of traveling and writing from anywhere she wants in the world with her lovely husband and dog. She is always searching for her next adventure.

John Witiw – Assistant Editor

You might remember John Witiw from Viral Pirate, Frontrunner Magazine, Conservly, or even NTD Television! Before you ask, it is pronounced “Wit-2.”

Ryan Arranz – Reporter

Ryan is a high school student in Long Island, New York. He has been involved with conservative politics through journalism and volunteer work on campaigns. Outside of politics, he is a musician and frequent reader.

Sam Ditzhazy – Reporter

College student, political activist and commentator. Doing my part to Make America Great Again!

Ben Gregg – Reporter

After spending the last five years in Nashville, TN, Ben Gregg is now back in the State of Washington. He has been in the insurance industry for the past 14 years. He is active in politics, current events, and has been running for Congress and local office.

Steven Heissenhuber Jr. – Reporter

Steven Heissenhuber Jr. is currently a high school senior on track to go to Texas A&M University as a Business major. He is an eager Catholic, proud American, and an unrelenting conservative.

Alana Mastrangelo – Reporter

Alana Mastrangelo is a political operative, and writer for Turning Point News and Washington Examiner. Mastrangelo graduated from John Carroll University in 2012, and is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. As a daughter of Italian immigrants and frequent visitor to Italy, Mastrangelo first decided to get involved in conservative politics in high school, after witnessing years of teachers indoctrinating students to believe that healthcare systems in Europe are ideal and what America should strive to imitate.

Christopher Tremoglie – Reporter

Christopher Tremoglie is a Russian and Eastern European Studies major at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a former Editor-in-Chief for The Student Vanguard. He was a Keystone Press Award Winner in 2016 and 2017.


Haley Simone – Web Designer and Graphic Designer

Haley is a graduate from Saint Xavier University where she majored in Graphic Design. She is a lover of art, books, nature, live music, and traveling.

Becky Wiley – Lead Graphic Designer

Becky is a 2014 Columbia College graduate with a BA in Advertising Art Direction and is going on almost two years of working for Turning Point USA/Turning Point News. She loves a collaborative and creative atmosphere to execute her work and has a strong passion for design and creative strategy. As a huge music fan, she loves tormenting her coworkers with her new (and sometimes older) music obsessions while she is working at her desk. She is also an avid movie/TV enthusiast and when she is not working at TP, she loves hanging out at home and catching up on her new shows or watching reruns of old favorites.

List of Contributors

Kallie Barley

Kallie Barley is currently working towards her Ph.D in Media and Communication with a focus in political communication at Texas Tech University. She also works full time doing donor relations and fundraising for Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. She was engaged in Texas politics at a young age and later she spent time in D.C. where she found her calling in political communication. She is excited to pursue that field.

Bailey Beckham

Bailey Beckham is an 18 year old Conserva-tarian majoring in Criminal Justice. She is a pro-gun, pro-life, pro-cop woman who sticks by her guns, literally and figuratively.

Matthew Boose

Matthew is a freelance writer from New York. He likes to read, write, workout, and inspire others to smash Cultural Marxism.

Elena Caban

Elena Caban is a libertarian writer from New York. She is particularly passionate about free markets and the individual.
Elena also loves dancing, cooking, traveling, and tendering her many pets.

Eric Cox

Eric is a Gahanna Lincoln Junior, TPUSA activist, and volleyball athlete in Columbus, Ohio. He believes in fighting for freedom and free markets. He is currently an intern on Mary Taylor’s gubernatorial campaign. Eric is the President of the Gahanna-Lincoln Turning Point USA chapter.

Jennifer Duplessie

Jennifer Duplessie is a staff writer and political reporter for Turning Point News. She will graduate with a B.A in Political Science from Texas A&M University in 2018.

Miri Frei

Miri Frei grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Despite this, she managed to find conservatism at a relatively early age. She graduated from Touro College with a B.A in Political Science and English Literature. She is in a gap year before law school and has ‘aspirations beyond her station’.

Elyse Johnson

Elyse Johnson is a blogger, freelance writer and content creator. In addition to writing for Turning Point News, she manages her personal website, “What’s Up Elly J?” that is a lifestyle and entertainment website.

Sarah Kepins

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Sarah graduated from Salem College with a BA in creative writing. She has had work published in her school’s literary magazine as well as blogging experience though C-Fam (Catholic Family). During her time as an undergrad, Sarah visited Florence, Italy where she performed with her choir in an international music festival. This past March, C-Fam sponsored Sarah to attend the annual Commission on the Status of Women conference in New York City.

Emily Russell

Emily Russell studies Secondary English Education at Wartburg College. She is the President of the Turning Point USA chapter at Wartburg College. In her free time, Emily sings in the Wartburg College Choir and dances on the dance team.

Gabrielle Seunagal

Gabrielle Seunagal is an outspoken and intelligent freelance writer. Deeply passionate about the world around her, Gabrielle loves to provide political and social commentary. When she is not working on her career, she is boxing, doing yoga, or otherwise enjoying life.


Brian Shawley

Brian believes in promoting morals and ideas through our actions. Brian, accompanied by his wife and dog, will probably be found outside. Where he is from, the land does not care if you are offended, and that is a beautiful thing to Brian.

Caroline Stout

Caroline Stout is a student at Texas A&M University studying political science and international relations. In addition to following the news cycle, she enjoys traveling and reading.

Ray Vann

Ray Vann is a lifelong New Yorker from the beachfront community of Rockaway, Queens. He has a degree in history from Brooklyn College and has been freelance writing for several years, covering a range of topics from sports to politics.