Arizona State University student and Rwandan refugee Espoir Le’dieu told Breitbart News that leftists “view [him] as a puppet” for political gain. As a Turning Point USA activist, Le’dieu is tackling the left-wing bias on campus. 

“When I talk to my friends that are Democrats, they always make me feel like I’m a victim,” said Le’dieu, “When I ask them why I can’t be a Republican, it’s always the same thing, like, ‘Oh you’re black, you moved here as a refugee,’ and that the other side is racist.”

“Well, I know that I’m not a victim,” said Le’dieu powerfully, “and I do realize that I’m black — but I like President Trump’s views better, because I think he believes in people in general and what they can do, and that they don’t always need the government for help.”

Le’dieu says that she stays strong in her conservative beliefs and values, regardless of what her peers, friends, or fellow students say. She truly believes that conservative values empower the citizens of America and give the power to the people.

Sadly, the college atmosphere is not as open-minded as Le’dieu. 

“I didn’t think it would be much of a problem, because that’s not how we view American people [as closed-minded],” said Le’dieu, “It was very surprising.”

“At first, when I watched people on YouTube, I thought they were exaggerating when they said stuff like they lost friends and that they cannot speak,” continued Le’dieu, “but an example for me — some of the people that helped us come to the United States, that donated furniture and stuff like that, they don’t really talk to us anymore.”

“I didn’t think that I could get harsh treatment like that just because we were believing in something else.”

The Arizona state academic said that she is welcomed to a world of opportunity in America – something that few other countries can offer.

“I know what I want, and I know what I want to be, and I don’t want to be a part of a Party that views me as a puppet or — that I need to be led.”

Le’dieu has been living in America for 6 years, immigrating from Rwanda where she fled mass genocide. She added that she is extremely excited to attend Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit next week!

And, you can see her there! Just apply!


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