AG Jeff Sessions Requests 46 Remaining Obama-admin Attorneys to Resign

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On Friday, AG Jeff Sessions asked the remaining 46 Obama-era attorneys to resign from their posts.

The remaining attorneys have been asked to resign because officials are typically replaced at the beginning of each new administration.  Sessions conveyed the importance of a uniform transition of power.  President Trump accepts or rejects resignations.

That night, attorneys from New Jersey, Rhode Island, Minnesota and Arkansas announced their resignation.  President Trump called Boente and Rob Rosenstein to tell them that he would not accept their resignations.  The President did not include Preet Bharara of New York in his phone calls.

The next day, Bharara claimed he was ‘fired’ by the administration for refusing to resign.

Bharara said that in November the then President-elect said that he would continue his post under the new administration.  Sen. Chuck Schumer commented that he was “troubled to learn of reports of requests for resignations from the remaining U.S. Attorneys, particularly that of Preet Bharara.”

However, Bharara also said that it was never confirmed that he would be able to continue his post for the entirety of the new administration.

Despite Schumer’s remarks, it is important to note that the resignation and replacement of previous administration’s attorneys is normal.

AG Sessions is simply following the norm.



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