What America Considers Sexual Harassment Should Scare Everyone

What America Considers Sexual Harassment Should Scare Everyone

Recently in the news, there have been a myriad of sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations. From Hollywood to Washington D.C., accusations have come out of the woodwork of sexual wrongdoing by producers and Congressmen.

Recently, Senator Al Franken has been accused by two women of sexual misconduct. Senate candidate Roy Moore’s struggles with these accusations have been well documented. Some would even argue that Roy Moore’s incident opened a Pandora’s Box of sexual allegations in D.C.



However, given the seriousness of these allegations and subsequent crimes, what exactly qualifies as harassment or assault?

Sexual assault is an awful thing and pretty easy to identify. As such, given the brevity of these claims, they should be taken with the utmost seriousness and investigated to the fullest. However, there is no clear-cut example or definition of sexual harassment and given the seriousness of sexual harassment and its subsequent repercussions, this could be a problem.


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Is sexual harassment making a lewd comment? An inappropriate joke? Asking someone on a date? Exchanging work promotions for sexual favors? Demanding sexual favors for work promotions? Having a position of authority in the work place and engaging in consensual romance? All of these have been deemed sexual harassment in the past.


What is sexual harassment?


While there will be some positive reforms to highlight the issues, and combat actual sexual harassment, this sexual harassment frenzy (agitated by political partisanship) could create a troublesome environment in the future. When allegations are launched at someone, their reputation immediately suffers – whether they are true or not. Feminists and those on the left advance the argument that we should immediately believe any female accuser.

This is a bad idea lest we forget the past incidents of false accusations such as the Duke lacrosse team and Tawana Brawley incident. As such, we should be concerned with how society defines sexual harassment. It has become the tool of the feminist, leftist lynch mob to destroy people.

Any person who legitimately commits these heinous acts should suffer punishment. However, what is currently being defined as sexual harassment in society should give everyone concern.


New poll reveals shocking results


A recent YouGov poll revealed that a concerning number of young adults, both male and female, find compliments about a woman’s attractiveness, or even an invite to get a drink from a man, as forms of sexual harassment. This is concerning because someone, with no malicious intent at all, seeking to find a romantic partner could face sexual harassment claims. This is the problem with societal evolution. Furthermore, given what the public sentiment is regarding what sexual harassment is, how do we interpret the accusations of those who accuse others of such?



The survey asked the question: “Would you consider it sexual harassment if a man, who was not a romantic partner, did the following to a woman?”

Shockingly, over 33% of those polled ranging in age from 18-30 (male and female) said a man “commenting on attractiveness” would always or usually be a form of sexual harassment.

When it came to asking a woman out for a drink, about 25% of males and about 12.5% of young females said it would always or usually be a kind of sexual harassment. Comparatively speaking, a similar sample polled in Sweden, Germany, and the U.K., resulted 0% for this particular hypothetical.



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This is treading on extremely thin ice. When asking someone out on a date or complimenting their physical appearance gets degraded to sexual harassment, it diminishes real sexual harassment when it occurs. Additionally, it further drives a wedge between men and women in society.

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