In a recent poll, more than 5 out of 10 Americans believe that socialism would be bad for the country.

The Gallup survey of 1,024 adults found that 51% of Americans believe that some form of socialism would be a “bad thing” for the country as a whole. On the other hand, 43% see socialism as a “good thing.”

These results revealed a 11% spike in support of the true American way when compared to the same poll taken in 1942. As Gallup describes this poll, it “is one of the oldest trend questions measuring attitudes on socialism in the U.S.”

Overall, socialist values saw a positive increase of 7% within the U.S. since the 1940s.

Gallup additionally found that most Americans are to favor a free, capitalist market control over ‘Big Bother’ government.

Support for free markets reached over 50% in areas such as technological innovation, distribution of wealth, the economy, health care and wages. The only areas where Americans feel government is best were online privacy and the environment.

It appears that the majority of Americans understand the downfalls to a socialist future. Conversely, nearly two-thirds say that the American economy is influenced by the government more so than the free market.

Interestingly enough, the slight increase in socialist support (+7%) was not the major tipping point. 

As Gallup noted, the major shift was not the left’s positive view of socialism. Instead, the major shift was the reduced rate of liberals who view capitalism as effective or positive. That number decreased to 47%.

Attitudes regarding socialism, capitalism, and all other political or economic systems have been shifting in America. Turning Point USA has been fighting socialism on campus in the most effective way: debate.

While the raw data makes it hard to assume that Americans entertain the idea of socialism, there has been a significant rise in the education system. Charlie Kirk, TPUSA’s founder and CEO, along with thousands of activists, have been debating and fighting against socialism on campus.

In response to Gallup’s newest poll, Charlie Kirk said, “The American people do not naturally come to these sorts of conclusions. There’s no way you can live under Socialism, be around people that have lived under Socialism and have a free and open and fair press and have 40% of Americans believe that an ideology that has killed over 100 million people over the last 100 years. Socialism has destroyed civilizations, cultures, countries, families.”

Gallup closed their poll by stating their “major focus” will continue to be discovering America’s political leanings. Turning Point USA’s main focus will continue to be fighting back against leftists and socialists on campus.

Charlie Kirk elucidates that TPUSA will “constantly continue to fight the rise of Marxism and the rise of Socialism in this country.”

We need your help exposing liberal bias on college campuses across the country.

Turning Point USA is fighting every day on over 1,300 college campuses across America to recruit and inform students about the dangers of socialism and the benefits of capitalism.

Since the founding, Turning Point USA has embarked on a mission to build the most organized, active, and powerful conservative grassroots activist network on college campuses across the country. With a presence on over 1,300 college campuses and high schools across the country, Turning Point USA is the largest and fastest growing youth organization in America.

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