Former Director of Hispanic Engagement, Anna Paulina, announced her departure from Turning Point USA on May 13, 2019 via Twitter and Facebook.

Anna Paulina had a short, action packed career before working for Turning Point USA.

She is a Southern California native and a second-generation American with extended family still residing in Mexico. At the age of 19, she enlisted in the United States Air Force to serve her country and as a means to achieve her educational aspirations. In January 2014, her husband, a USAF Combat Controller, was shot in Afghanistan.

She briefly withdrew from college to care for him until his (thankfully) full recovery.

She is a graduate of the University of West Florida, where she modeled professionally as a means of paying for expenses that the GI bill did not cover. Some of her work has been used by Sports Illustrated, Maxim Magazine, and Rockstar Inc.

She has since served two enlistments, one active-duty and one with the United States Air National Guard.

She currently is engaged with five nonprofits that focus on Veterans issues including PTSD, Service-member therapy and recovery, and humanitarian medical missions overseas.

Paulina began her work with Turning Point USA in August of 2018 when she received a phone call and was offered the position of Director of Hispanic Engagement.

She accepted the position instead of attending medical school.

The former director has given speeches at the following Turning Point USA Events: 2018 Young Latino Summit in Miami, Florida; the 2018 Eastern Regional Conference in Washington, D.C; the 2018 Western Regional Conference in Newport Beach, California; the 2018 Young Black Leadership Conference in Washington D.C; the 2018 Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida; and the 2019 Young Latino Summit in Phoenix, Arizona.

Anna Paulina has also toured several Turning Point USA chapter events across the United States in universities and colleges such as Glendale Community College, Santa Clara University, University of Oregon, Rider University, and Mizzou.

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In 2019, Anna Paulina launched the Bienvenido Movement, a conservative outreach organization for the Hispanic community, alongside Abraham Enriquez.

On May 8, 2019, Bienvenido was welcomed to The White House for a briefing with White House Directors for the launch of the organization in order to bring greater awareness to their outreach.

Paulina has announced that she will also share further details of her resignation in the future. For now, she is grateful to have been a part of Turning Point USA and for the unforgettable opportunities the organization has given her.

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