Turning Point USA’s Director of Latino Engagement, Anna Paulina, spoke at TPUSA’s Midwest Regional Conference on Saturday. She detailed her rise as an influencer and why child trafficking and crime on the Southern Border is such a huge issue to not only her, but this country as a whole.

Watch (53:50 – 1:18:02):

Paulina started by speaking about her upbringing, and how she grew up in California in a traditionally liberal area. During her time in the military, she started to learn about the child trafficking crisis on the border and it surprised her that it was “taking place right underneath our noses.”

“I realized that it wasn’t uncommon for border patrol agents to come across… children that were being smuggled under the guise of family units.”

She spoke of her process of learning what was happening at the southern border, and wonders why the media wasn’t covering it.

“Instead of the media backing something that we should all be talking about, something that’s not partisan… They were using hispanics as propaganda.”

While traditional, mainstream media outlets were largely ignoring the crisis, Paulina saw Breitbart running articles of decapitated and dismembered bodies at the Southern Border.  The lack of media attention was particularly concerning to her due to the fact that “over 300 Americans per week” are dying to heroin being brought into the country from the southern border.

“You have 18,000 women per year that are victims, that are slaves in this country, and you have the entire left ignoring it, saying that this is a manufactured crisis.”

Paulina then went on to defend ICE and border patrol agents from the criticism of people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others who have advocated for abolishing ICE. “To you [AOC], I say sit down,” Paulina passionately stated. “You don’t represent the fifty percent of Hispanic Americans who now support this president.”

She closed by talking about the importance of the Second Amendment. She explained that the Second Amendment is a cornerstone of this country and that it is crucial for Americans to be able to defend their homes.

Paulina then left the audience with a challenge to speak out, to take issues close to them, and to do something about it and speak their voice. She closed, “God bless you guys, God bless these great United States, and God bless the great state of Illinois.”

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