Anti-Israel Protesters Crash Southern Methodist University

Anti-Israel Protesters Crash Southern Methodist University
Submitted by Ben Larrabee 

Let me begin by stating why Israel is a beacon of light in a sea of despotism. It is one of the few nations in the world, let alone the Middle-East, that embraces the irrefutable ideals of self-determination, liberty, and equality under the law. It is one of the only capitalistic nations that is willing to defend its populace against the scourge that is Islamic terrorism.

There is no statement more accurate than the one that describes Israel as the eastern border of western civilization.

This is why I believe Americans are instinctively supportive of the world’s only Jewish State. When we look at Israel, we see our own foundational principles manifesting in a tiny nation-state half a world away.  

I imagine this was the unifying factor that the American Jewish Council of Dallas was seeking to provide to those jaded by the modern political spectrum. Hosting two rival Dallas congressmen at Southern Methodist University, AJC sought to highlight the bi-partisan support of Israel in Congress.

Yet embedded within everyone that attended, Republican or Democrat, was the desire to celebrate something more profound: the values that we innately realize have allowed both our nations to flourish. While an ocean and several continents may separate us, our peoples are united by the aspiration to uphold our liberties and live peacefully and equally under the law.

So naturally, the rabble-rousers that descended upon Southern Methodist University could not let this heresy stand.

Advertised as an intersectional gathering of socialists and progressives to defend Palestinians, in reality, it was a cabal of curmudgeons that were ready to pick fights with attendees. It took all of two minutes before the repetitious accusation of, “RACIST,” was flung at me.

justice for palestine anti-israel protest
Facebook page for Justice for Palestine/Anti-Israel Protest

My colleagues and I have fielded this hackneyed insult countless times. Obviously facile arguments don’t faze me, but if you’re going to take the time to berate me, shouldn’t you at least be original?

With the protestors immediate hostility at my presence, I decided it was time to enjoy myself.

I gave them the one elementary litmus test I knew they would surely flunk;

“Is Hamas a terrorist group?”

Not once over the course of the evening did I receive a clear condemnation of Hamas’s well-documented brutality. The closest I ever came to answer was a Jewish woman who proudly told me that Hamas was, in fact, not a racist group.

When my persistence finally warranted a response, their absurdity was more than I ever could’ve hoped to film;

“The IDF is a terrorist group!”

“Netanyahu is a terrorist!”

“Zionism is terrorism!”

“Zionists (supporters of Israel) are racists!”

“You’re brainwashed by the Zionist Institution!”  

Yes, the same Jewish woman from before just articulated an insult from the pages of The Elders of Zion whilst her colleague accused me of working for the Israeli government.

But I’m sure that they’d never admit to being anti-semitic. The flyers passed out made sure to state so.

anti-israel protest signs palestine jewish
PC Andrew Castillo

I don’t mean to sound overly stunned. This is nothing new, as these slanders have become the norm in many college campuses. What struck me most was how eager the protestors were to reject peace in favor of violence.

Many alluded to their empathy towards Hamas and stopped just short of calling for violent retribution against Israelis. I fail to imagine a more insidious pathology than one that seeks to redefine barbarity as resistance.

What is the most troubling yet emblematic of their ideology is the instantaneous resentment exhibited towards any statement that seeks to exonerate any of Israel’s actions;

“Hamas is using human-shields? That’s just an excuse for Bibi to kill children!”

“Is Hamas a terrorist group? Stop trying to bait me!”

“Israel is a democracy? Stop lying, racist!”

“Israel is not the homeland of Jews, they should go back to where they came from.”

I suddenly realized that the protestors were cumulatively dropping half-a-million dollars on higher education. All to be taught what to think rather than how to think.

I’m sure when Winston Churchill described fanatics as those who can’t change their minds and won’t change the subject, he had these people in mind.

I did not come with high hopes of changing anyone’s perception, I came with the intent to highlight the radicalism that is permeating American campuses.

Anti-Israel Protestors SMU jewish palestine
PC Andrew Castillo

Make no mistake, their vitriol is not confined to a tiny country half a world away. This was exhibited when, yet again, the same Jewish woman from before condemned America as guilty of the same crimes as Israel.

Their purposeful rejection of any information or dialogue that exonerates Israel or America and the admirable qualities of both is proof of their authoritarian tendencies and proclivity to extremism.

This came to head when they began chanting for another Intifada against Israel. For those of you who don’t know, the Intifada was a 5-year period (2000-2005) in which over 1,000 died in terrorist attacks. It is a literal call to violence.  

This is far beyond any issue between Republicans and Democrats. After all, the protestors were just as incendiary against Democrats as they were against Republicans. The defining issue of our generation will be if we are able to teach our children the principles that have made our nations so exemplary, or will we abandon the culture and our futures to this type of nihilistic radicalism.  

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