Antifa Strikes Again: Anti-Fascists Attack Peaceful Right Wing Rally

Antifa Strikes Again: Anti-Fascists Attack Peaceful Right Wing Rally

The Anti-Fascists Strike Again

Violence broke out at a peaceful right wing rally Sunday in Berkeley, California when members of ‘the anti-fascists group ‘Antifa’ showed up to protest. The rally was organized to combat Marxism, titled “No to Marxism in America”. In the center of the left-biased, liberal city of Berkeley, California, about 500 right wing rally goers made their way through Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Park. Of course, they were outnumbered by nearly 2000 counter protesters that showed up to ‘rally against hate’. The counter protesters however, were rallying peacefully. Everything was going seemingly well and peacefully, that is, until about 100 Antifa counter protesters stormed the event.

These black-clad anti-fascists stormed into the event and began violently attacking right wing rally attendants. Yielding assault weapons, shields, and masking their identities, groups of them targeting pro-Trump individuals, beating them to the ground. They were screaming through the crowd of thousands of peaceful counter protesters “Go home fascists!” Two rallyers were hospitalized after being attacked, but are expected to be okay.

Protesting Hate With More Hate

More and more, especially with the recent events in Charlottesville, we are seeing violence breaking out between the left and right. Especially coming from the anti-fascists groups. While the left is supposedly fighting hate, it is the left that has been violently rioting, fueled by their own hate. It is a hypocritical spiral that has caused our country’s social divide to expand beyond reason. The left has grouped together all members of the right with the likes of KKK and neo-Nazis. Because of this, the media and members of the liberal side of our country have started painting a terrible picture of anyone who considers themselves conservative, silencing our rights to free speech. Justifying the violence that has been breaking out on their behalf across America.

It just doesn’t make sense to me, why is this hypocrisy so widely accepted throughout the media, but it is just so unacceptable for the right to speak their minds at all. We want Freedom, we want equality, we want rights! They scream and shout to all who can hear, all the while silencing and reprimanding anyone who doesn’t share their views. We as conservatives want all the same things, but the left isn’t listening.

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So What Are We Supposed to Do?

These attacks may be leaving conservatives afraid to voice their minds and practice their first amendment rights, but we can’t let it stop us from doing so anyways. The violence on the left is only going to continue to paint them in a bad light. So let the anti-fascists send themselves spiraling down their paths of self destruction- it’s only going to make our point more clear. We need to continue rallying in the name of freedom and free speech. We need to continue to expose the truths of liberal biases and injustice. If we let liberal’s attempts at silencing work, our country will be overtaken and we may never get it back.

Our country is being torn apart by polarizing views, we need to continue to speak our minds, but we need to also be willing to listen to others if we ever want to truly achieve peace. We need to make the left realize that we want peace, freedom, and equality as much as they do. The argument isn’t about what we want, it’s about how each side plans to achieve it. Peace will only be accomplished when we are able to find a balance.

What are your thoughts on all the recent violence in America? What do you think should be done about the social divide? Let us know in the comments! 

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