Results from a Gallup Poll show that college students are more willing to express opposing viewpoints and be more oppositional in the classroom than almost ever before. 

In the midst of Free Speech codes, campus violence, and safe rooms, the “Free Speech Crisis” seems to be calming down.

Gallup recently set out to test the waters on college campuses nation wide. The survey was conducted with more than 5,100 college graduates who completed their bachelor’s degrees between 2010 and 2018.

Each participant was asked to rate the following statement: “I felt very comfortable sharing ideas or opinions in class that were probably only held by a minority of people.”

Using a five-point scale, with 1 being “strongly disagree,” and 5 being “strongly agree,” the participants had to state their feelings towards the above statement. 

The Results? 

Overall, 64% of graduates answered with a “4” or “5” to that statement. Only 14% responded with a “1” or “2.”

On average, women were less likely to be comfortable revealing unpopular opinions in the classroom: 58% of female graduates responded with a “4” or “5,” compared to 68% of their male peers answering with the same score.

According to Forbes, this pattern is seemingly consistent with other findings that female students are less likely to ask questions or speak up in college classes.

Race was not a defining factor in the final results.

It is imperative to say, however, that participants who felt comfortable expressing opposing viewpoints were twice as likely to have a strong, emotional attachment to their alma mater. 

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In essence, two-thirds of college students or ex-college students feel comfortable expressing views on campus or in the classroom. But, that does not stop other students from wanting to silence those viewpoints.

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