Armed Forces Bowl Game

Armed Forces Bowl Game

Cloudy. Gloomy. Anticipation. It was a day to show support those who have served our country. The United States Naval Academy played Louisana Tech University hosted by Lockheed Martin at the Amon G. Carter Stadium on the Texas Christian University campus.

The pre-game was an amazing show to see. During the pre-show, there was an honor guard by the Naval Academy midshipman honor guard team. The opening show featured the Texas State Guard waving a flag on the field during the national anthem. The F-35 flyover was canceled due to weather concerns.

The game was a very close game in which both the U.S. Naval Academy and LA Tech were tied until the last 3 seconds of the game when LA tech scored a field goal. The final score was 48-45 with LA Tech winning the game. Other memorable events of the night included the generous donations of a car and a house from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics who has been a long-time supporter of military families. Chris Kyle was awarded the 2016 Great American Patriot Award posthumously and the award was accepted by Taya Kyle his widow and long-time military family activist.

Both teams featured their respective school bands, members from their school and fans. During the half time show, recruits from each branch of the military were sworn into their branch of the military. The fans cheered for these honorable men and women that would soon be serving their country. The highlight of the night was that over 20,000 tickets to the Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl were donated to past and present military members and their families. Highlights were made to the seniors.

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Honorable guests included:

Secretary of the United States Navy Ray Mabus

Wife of Chris Kyle, Taya Kyle

Vice Admiral Walter Carter Jr., Superintendent of the US Naval Academy

Recruits from all branches of the military

Honor Guard:

Midshipman 4th Class Morgan Riley – Bigrade of Midshipman Flag

Midshipman 3rd Class Nicholas Hine – Battle guard colors of the US Marine Corps

Midshipman 3rd Class Benjamin Loud – Colors of the US Navy

About the Photographer / Videographer:


Daishia Pratt is a 17-year-old high school student from Granbury, TX. She is a Texas native and student who just accepted a nomination from Congressman Michael Conway to each of the US military academies. She is the Operations Officer at the Granbury High School Marine Corps Junior ROTC program. Daishia has high hopes of getting into the U.S. Naval Academy and holds a strong GPA of 4.2.

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