At a Wisconsin college, a shrink specially for racial battle fatigue

At a Wisconsin college, a shrink specially for racial battle fatigue

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is looking for a licensed psychologist who will “especially” attend to “students from historically marginalized populations” and “students of color.”


We’re assuming that the new “Counselor/Psychologist (Diversity and Inclusion Liaison)” also will provide counseling services to—what to call them?—non-marginalized populations if they knock. Otherwise it would be a violation of Title IX, which bans such discriminatory behavior. Aren’t we all suffering from racial battle fatigue?


According to the school’s recruitment post, reports Campus Reform, the counselor will also help “students coping with issues including (but not limited to) racial battle fatigue, bias incidences, microaggressions, and intersectionality,” and will also be dispatched occasionally to serve on the school’s “Bias/Hate Team.”  (This paragraph seems to have been deleted after Campus Reform reported on the new hire.)


In addition to the “standard qualifications,” this counselor also must have knowledge of “multicultural issues” and “intersectionality,” as well as the ability to interact with “persons of diverse socio-economic, racial/ethnic, international, and LGBTQ backgrounds.”


The way higher education is churning out graduates with diversity, white privilege, intersectionality and other such degrees, the school should have no trouble filling this position because there’s not much else the degree is good for.


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