Bisexual Porn Star Commits Suicide After Being Bullied For Refusing To Work With A Gay Man

Bisexual Porn Star Commits Suicide After Being Bullied For Refusing To Work With A Gay Man

Early this week, adult film star August Ames was found dead from an apparent suicide after the actress faced a backlash from refusing to work with a gay man. While the 23-year-old porn star was married to pornographic director and producer, Kevin Moore, the actress claimed to have been bisexual and refused to work with the gay man for safety reasons.

August Ames found dead Tuesday morning and died of asphyxiation due to hanging

On December 5th, the actress was found dead due to asphyxiation from hanging herself. The actress had been facing cyberbullying after she refused to work with an openly gay man who regularly shot gay sex scenes. She first received backlash after she tried to warn the actress who had replaced her.

After posting her opinions, she was quickly labeled a homophobic and criticized for her beliefs. Ames didn’t mean to offend anyone and quickly apologized. “Sorry, it was just my opinion. My body, my rules. Honestly, I’m sorry if I offended anyone,” she said, according to Pink News.

Straight porn performer Alexis Monroe criticized Ames for her discrimination by claiming that her reasons for refusing the work were pointless. Monroe stated that all performers are subjected to the same STD testing to ensure that they would not harm other performers.

Ames tried to defend herself by explaining that she was not homophobic but simply refusing the work to protect her body.

Ames also pointed out that she couldn’t possibly be homophobic since she was attracted to other women and identified as bisexual.

After the cyberbullying relentlessly continued, Ames gave up trying to defend herself and posted one last tweet before she took her own life. Her last tweet consisted of just two words: “f**c y’all.”

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Ames had a history of depression

On September 13th, less than two months before her death, Ames was a guest star on the Holly Randall Unfiltered podcast, according to The Independent. In her interview, she opened up about her past traumatic experiences. As a child, Ames was repeatedly molested but was not believed when she tried to raise the alarm. When she was 15, she was offered cocaine by the father of a child she was babysitting if she would strip naked. Seeking help, she tried therapy but always felt that the therapists were judging her for her profession. She admitted to abusing drugs to escape her problems and used medication to deal with bipolar disorder, depression and multiple personality disorder.

Her husband Kevin Moore has expressed his sadness over his wife’s death. Ames was “the kindest person I ever knew and she meant the world to me,” he said. “Please leave this as a private family matter in this difficult time,” according to Newsweek.

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