Austin Professor In Hot Water After Disgusting DeVos Tweet

Austin Professor In Hot Water After Disgusting DeVos Tweet

Robert Ranco, a professor of paralegal studies at Austin Community College and a lawyer with the Texas based Carlsen Law Firm has found that actions do have repercussions after tweeting that he would “be ok if Betsy DeVos was sexually assaulted.”

These kinds of despicable statements are something that are becoming somewhat commonplace from those on the left, but this time Ranco’s employers caught wind of the tweet and took swift action, sending out a press release which said “even expressing apathy towards sexual assault is [an] affront to all victims and a line that simply cannot be uncrossed.” In response to the uproar, Ranco not only deleted his tweet and took his account offline, but he also resigned from the law firm.

Ranco, also released a message to the local KVUE news agency, in which he said “My tweet from Friday was a mistake. I take full responsibility from it. It was my mistake and nobody else’s and I apologize. I’ll be working continuously moving forward to make it for my mistake. I hope that Secretary DeVos and anyone else who was offended, impacted, shocked by my actions that they can find it in their hearts to forgive me.” Whether or not he truly means what he said, or if he is just saying it as a form of damage control remains anyone’s guess.

Ranco’s thoughtless tirade took place in response to Betsy DeVos’ announcement that she planned to overhaul the current Title IX rules applied to campus sexual assault cases. The current system, DeVos and her supporters claim, has lead to numerous improper investigations and erodes the due processes of those who have been accused of the crime.

Austin Community College, for its part, released a statement saying “”The recent social media comments made by a part-time employee on his personal page do not represent ACC’s vision, mission, and values…The college does not condone these comments and their sentiment.” As of yet, however, they have not made a decision as to whether they plan on releasing Ranco from his position with the school.

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