New Barbie Doll ‘Love Wins’ T-Shirts Promote The LGBT Agenda

New Barbie Doll ‘Love Wins’ T-Shirts Promote The LGBT Agenda

In 1959, the first Barbie doll was invented by Ruth Handler as a way to empower girls to achieve their dreams and goals. The doll, originally named after Ruth’s daughter, Barbara, was created to show girls to never settle but to dream big and shoot for the stars. As a brand-new style of doll meant to inspire girls, Barbie dolls unsurprisingly caught the attention of the world and are still popular today.

Barbie sports a ‘Love Wins’ t-shirt

Barbie has been known to spark some controversy in the past and the controversy continues as a picture of Barbie wearing a “Love Wins” t-shirt was recently posted on Instagram by barbiestyle, the official Instagram page for Barbie. The phrase, “Love Wins”, quickly caught as the official slogan for same-sex marriage after the Supreme Court legalized it in all 50 states in 2015. In the picture, Barbie is shown with an Asian doll representing fashion blogger, Aimee Song.

Pink News, a UK online LGBT newspaper, was quick to post the story along with a number of pictures of Barbie and Aimee. Supporters of the shirt shared their positive feedback which included comments such as: “BARBIE YOU’RE DOING AMAZING SWEETIE,” and “YESSS QUEEN.” A few supporters even took the pictures as the coming out of Barbie as a lesbian and called her a “lesbian icon.” Others praised Barbie for coming out and commented that Ken is gone from Barbie’s life.

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‘Love Wins’ t-shirts are available for purchase for a limited time only and benefit the LGBT cause

On her Instagram account, Aimee Song posted a similar picture and said how proud she was to have her own doll and to support such a great cause. She explained that the “Love Wins” t-shirts were created by @ShopTwoSongs and are available for purchase for a limited time. Each shirt sold will benefit the LGBT community as 50% of all proceeds will go directly to the non-profit organization, The Trevor Project, which is committed to helping the LGBT community who still face hate and discrimination.

It seems that while Barbie has always been about empowering girls, she is now trying to empower the LGBT community.

(H/T: Pink News)