Zachary Greenberg, the 28-year-old caught on video and charged with assaulting Hayden Williams on UC Berkeley’s campus in mid-February, was finally charged in early March.  According to Campus Reform, however, Greenberg pleaded not guilty to the charges:

“Greenberg, who police say is the man seen in the viral video punching Williams multiple times, damaging Williams’ cell phone, and threatening to ‘shoot’ Williams, pleaded not guilty to three felony counts and one misdemeanor count, according to Williams’ attorney, Harmeet Dhillon, who was inside the courtroom.”

During his court hearing, Greenberg was also ordered “not to go within 100 yards of the UC-Berkeley campus,” reports Campus Reform.

Alanna Coopersmith, the attorney handling Greenberg’s case, made these statements after the hearing:

“Mr. Greenberg is a 28-year-old man. He was using the library at UC-Berkeley to study. He has a clean record. I realize that many people observing this case are interested in constitutional freedom. I would remind them that one important constitutional freedom is the presumption of innocence, due process of law, due process in a courtroom, not on social media or the internet”

While Greenberg was on the campus of UC Berkeley, Coopersmith admitted that he is not actually a student at the university, stating that he is a student “elsewhere.”  Coopersmith is also fighting the plaintiff on whether or not Williams, the victim, provoked Greenberg – as that is not necessarily seen in the video.

The UC Berkeley police department as well as the local police department contest that Greenberg was in fact the assailant.

According to Campus Reform, Greenberg’s fist trial date is April 9.


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