Bloomsburg University Faculty Member Protests TPUSA Chapter

Bloomsburg University Faculty Member Protests TPUSA Chapter

A faculty member at Bloomsburg University, who is as of yet unidentified, protested the school’s Turning Point USA chapter. They posted signs which read “alt-right,” “white supremacy,” and “BU Turning Point” on a window in Bakeless Hall.

Unsurprisingly, students are dismayed. One student, Alex Ritter, said that the posters’ flippant use of terms like “white supremacy” offended her. People “have spent years and decades and centuries being hurt by that,” she added. Another student, Alexander Scheel, expressed “surprise” that anyone would think to post such accusations. “I’ve never seen any hate here on Bloomsburg’s campus,” he said.

Bloomsburg University seems more concerned with protecting the perpetrator than addressing students’ outrage. Again, the University has not named the “faculty member” responsible. However, a University spokesman was able to shed light on his or her motivations.

Apparently, the perpetrator believes that Turning Point USA promotes “white supremacy.” He or she is therefore entitled, if not obligated, to slap incendiary posters about said group on a window. He or she feels no compunction about accusing a group of students of being racists. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the anonymous “faculty member” provided no evidence for these claims.


So, who are these “alt-right” fiends?


The Bloomsburg University TPUSA is clearly racist. Look how they disavow racism!
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The Bloomsburg TPUSA Chapter describes itself as a “bi-partisan led organization” which “serves to interest people from various backgrounds, sexual orientations, genders, and races.” Clearly, the “faculty member” didn’t get the “white supremacy” idea from them. The chapter even goes out of its way to disavow “racist events of any kind.”


The Bloomsburg University TPUSA Chapter spreads hate through MEMES. Terrifying.
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The chapter’s mission is to “educate students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.” They wish to do so through “debate,” “dialogue,” and “discussion.” Perhaps this is what the outraged — and conveniently anonymous — faculty member is opposed to.


This is not the first time a TPUSA chapter has come under fire.


Recently, employees of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign were caught on camera destroying flyers for a TPUSA event. One of the vandals, Rubab Hyder, worked at the University as a Multicultural Advocate. Clearly, her desire to “create a welcoming community” only goes so far.




Similarly, a professor at the College of Charleston took it upon herself to rip down TPUSA posters. They “[offended]” her. At Arkansas State University, TPUSA members were threatened with arrest for violating a “free speech zone.” At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a professor openly and viciously harassed students.



It seems, indeed, that the American university’s famed tolerance does not extend to those who disagree.

What do you think of Bloomsburg University’s response to these posters? Should they reveal the identity of the perpetrator? How should students respond to flagrant instances of bias on campus? Let us know in the comments below!

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