UW-Madison College Republicans Meeting Hosts Wisconsin’s Brad Schimel

UW-Madison College Republicans Meeting Hosts Wisconsin’s Brad Schimel

Wisconsin Attorney Brad Schimel appeared at a UW-Madison College Republicans meeting as a guest lecturer, discussing his recent activity for the state Department of Justice, among other issues.

Schimel: ‘There is a difference between political and judicial conservatism’

During his appearance, Schimel talked about his role in the Wisconsin district lines court case, when Democratic voters accused the state of gerrymandering, or political manipulation through controlling district lines, which the voters felt had been the cause of the Republican majority in the Wisconsin Assembly. The case was eventually sent to the United States Supreme Court, although a ruling has not yet been given.

For his part, Schimel countered that the Court would reject the litigation in order to preserve a bipartisan stance, adding that:

There is a difference between political and judicial conservatism. Judicial conservatism implies that [the Courts] should remain as far detached from most legislative actions.

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Further topics concerned abortion and the ‘War on Cops’

Schimel also discussed his views on the abortion debate. Taking a pro-life stance, Schimel discussed how he was the adoptive father of two children, one of which had been close to being terminated by their mother. In addition, he also talked about his involvement in a court case concerning abortion in Indiana.

Schimel ended his talk by answering questions from the audience. To answer a question over free speech on campus, he added that political manipulation of free speech when done for the sake of convenience, picking and choosing what is being promoted and censored, goes against a person’s constitutional rights. “If we don’t have freedom, our experiment in democracy was useless,” he added.

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Time was also taken to focus on the “War on Cops,” which Schimel connected to a decline of applications for people entering the police force, adding that his decline came out of both misrepresentations of police officers in the media and misconceptions of what police can actually do.

(H/T: The Daily Cardinal)