Turning Point USA’s Director of Urban Engagement weighed in on federal border officials releasing illegal immigrants into Tucson, Arizona based on a ‘lack of space to detain them.’

As a former Tucson, Arizona police officer, Tatum’s reaction was justified and credited.

“I’m glad this is being reported on,” said Tatum, “because now we can shine a light on how Tucson, the city of Tucson, is being neglected.”

“This is outrageous that people are being flooded into a city that’s one of the poorest cities in the country, that has one of the highest crime rates in the whole state,” continued Tatum.

“I wish that the people who are elected to serve were focused more on the city of Tucson and protecting the citizens than releasing migrants into our communities,” explained the former police officer.

Tatum went on to address the utter lack of communication and cooperation between the city of Tucson and border patrol agents.

He makes a call to Congress, saying, “I would like to see them secure the border and, really, not allow the President to be the only one to be talking about this and be the only one pursuing solutions.”

“[Congressmen] need to step their game up and take care of american citizens”

He concludes by stating that the threat level within Tucson is now at an “all time high.” He says Tucson’s facilities are over capacity – which is not a good place to be when illegal immigration and detainees are at an all time high.

Watch the full Brandon Tatum FOX News clip, here

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