Turning Point USA’s Director of Urban Engagement, Brandon Tatum, was the first speaker Saturday morning at TPUSA’s Midwest Regional Conference.

He started his talk by explaining why he wears a ‘MAGA’ hat whenever he’s in public and how conservatives, including himself, receive backlash for supporting the current President.

But he says the backlash goes even further than just that. He said that conservatives are harassed simply for their ideologue. He gave advice for young conservatives in this situation:

“The ones who persevere… gain a level of strength, you gain a level of motivation, you gain a level of passion for what you believe.”

“You guys have to realize one thing,” he went on. “In 2019, it’s our time.”

Watch (0:35 – 30:30):

“We are watching the tide turn,” Tatum said. “This is our time, our opportunity.”

Tatum opened the floor to questions afterward.

One attendee asked, “Facebook is planning on starting a new ‘policing’ policy on white supremacy and white nationalist groups. With the left believing that the President is a white nationalist and conservative groups too, how do you battle that?”

Tatum said that there are many other platforms out today that allow for true freedom of speech. He said that many people are suggesting the federal government get involved and break up tech-monopolies.

Brandon had one simple suggestion: “we shouldn’t involve government in any sort of social media platform.”

“What we should do,” Tatum went on, “is we should be bold enough, be collective enough, to start our own platform.”

Tatum said that conservatives have to be mindful of what they say,

“There’s a difference between JOURNALISM and going crazy.”

In closing, Tatum gave his solution to solving the campus frenzy against conservatives. “Let’s start from the point of ‘we are all one people,'” he said. “Let’s strategically find out why we’re different and how we can come together…”

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