British Jihadi “White Widow” Killed By Drone Strike in Syria

British Jihadi “White Widow” Killed By Drone Strike in Syria

The British born ISIS recruiter and fighter Sally Jones, better known by her nom de guerre “White Widow” was killed during a drone attack in Syria, sources report.

Jones, formerly a member of an all-girl punk rock group, converted to Islam in 2013, with her young son, and moved to Syria that same year. Once there, she married Junaid Hussain, a high-level ISIS fighter and propaganda czar within the organization.

Hussain was believed to have been the third most significant priority on the Pentagon’s kill list in Syria, right behind Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Mohammed Emwazi thanks to his role in inspiring lone wolf hackers abroad and recruiting new members for the group. He was killed in a drone strike in 2015, reportedly after clicking on a “poison” internet link that gave the CIA his location.

Jones joined her husband in his recruiting efforts, often targetting wayward young women from various European countries and doing her part to aid in the ISIS propaganda effort. She also frequently encouraged women to carry out terrorist attacks within the United Kingdom, even offering guidance on how to build bombs and giving tips on the best ways to get to Syria.

Jones, from a Youtube clip showing her as part of the band Krunch, before her conversion to Islam. PC: Youtube

After the death of her husband, security experts believe that Jones became involved in a plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, but it never materialized.

Jones was finally killed in a strike near the Syrian border in June, but officials remained tight-lipped over the situation until today, trying to determine if her 12-year-old son Jojo was also killed in the blast. Jojo’s fate remains unknown, but analysts say that the pair was likely fleeing the ISIS capital of Raqqa, hoping to evade the Kurdish and Arab forces pushing their way into the city.

Tweets such as this were common on Jones’ twitter page prior to it being taken offline PC: Twitter

UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon has refused to comment on the attack that killed Jones directly, but says that any individual, regardless of their origin, who chooses to fight for ISIS is a legitimate target who “run the risk every hour of every day of being on the wrong end of an RAF or a United States missile.”

Several hundred European born fighters are still thought to be fighting with the failing Islamic State, although these numbers continue to dwindle as US and Russian backed forces make headway against the terror group.