Brown University Wants Liberation From Toxic Masculinity

Brown University Wants Liberation From Toxic Masculinity

Liberals are now afraid of men acting like men, so in response to this type of behavior Brown University is calling for a revolution against ‘toxic masculinity’.


Quentin Thomas, a student at Brown University, is the campus coordinator for the schools Masculinity Peer Education Program (also referred to as Masculinity 101). The program discusses with students a healthier way of portraying yourself as a man in social situations. Masculinity 101 is under the guidance of Brown University’s Health Promotion Specialist Marc Peters, whose job is to educate students on healthy masculinity.

Marc Peters, MPS
Health Promotion Specialist
Pronouns: he/him/his
Marc works to promote healthy masculinity primarily through the Masculinity101 peer education program and discussion group. He previously served as part of the Global Secretariat of the MenEngage Alliance as their Global Communications and Campaigns Manager. His work with MenEngage took him all over the world advocating for men to stand up for gender equality. Marc has presented on engaging men at the United Nations; the Institute of Development Studies; the World Conference on Youth; and the International Conference on Masculinities. He is a graduate of Syracuse University and the University of Arkansas- Clinton School of Public Service. In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis and just joined his first USTA team.”

Thomas recently wrote a column in The Brown Daily Herald arguing that masculinity causes men to do harm to not only themselves, but onto others as well. The column read:


Upon hearing the phrase ‘toxic masculinity’, one might first think about how it impacts other people. What can often be overlooked, though, is that men suffer greatly from toxic masculinity, too. Thanks to toxic masculinity, men are encouraged to constantly meet a range of unrealistic expectations; to exaggerate dominant traits, embody stoicism through extreme emotional suppression and never show any sings of weakness.”


What the world needs now, according to Thomas, is weak men that get in touch with their feminine side. There have even been workshops on campus such as “Cultivating Empathy” and “Harm and Healing”.


It seems as though the school doesn’t think these adult men can’t think for themselves, so they are offering classes to help them understand what being a man actually entails.