California murderer to be first U.S. inmate to receive sex change paid for with taxpayer dollars

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57-year-old Shiloh Heavenly Quine will be the first prisoner in the United States to receive sex reassignment surgery paid for with taxpayer dollars from the state of California.

Quine, who was convicted of murder, kidnapping and robbery for ransom and has no chance of parole, told the psychologist at the prison that the transition would give her “drastic internal completeness”.


California’s Department of Corrections claimed that sex reassignment surgery is a medically necessary treatment for those with gender dysphoria, and therefore should be guaranteed under the 8th Amendment.

A common interpretation of the 8th Amendment insists that depriving an inmate of vital medical treatment is considered “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Quine is expected to be transferred to a women’s prison after the sex reassignment procedure.

Cases similar to Quine’s have battled courts across the country, but have not been successful in gaining the use of taxpayer dollars for sex changes.

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