A massive crowd of students and participants gathered at Penn State’s largest lecture hall for Turning Point USA’s Campus Clash event on April 23.

While the event was met with major conflict, Charlie Kirk, Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle discussed conservatism, the mainstream media, and college in general with unflagging support from the audience.

2,000 students, faculty, and other people registered for the event. Turning Point USA had to turn away over 1,000 of these, however, as the largest hall only held over 700 people.

TPUSA showed, as they always do, a promotional video at the start of the event, including clips from previous Campus Clashes. The packed auditorium was riled-up and ready for the event to get underway.

When Charlie Kirk entered the room, the crowd erupted in overexcited sounds of delight. The cheers only became louder as he walked towards the famous wooden seats.


Before the event began, protestors spoke out against the event. The crowd overwhelmed them, booing them. The first “U-S-A” chant of the night began to ring, as a ‘good-bye’ to the protestors.

The crowd roared once more when Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle entered the room. Trump Jr., the eldest son of President Donald Trump, is a businessman. Guilfoyle is a former Fox News host, as well as Trump Jr.’s significant other.

The trio spoke of hot topics regarding American politics on Tuesday night, including the Mueller Report and the current Trump administration.

“It’s time to investigate the investigators,” Kirk said.

“The only collusion was between the mainstream media and between certain individuals in the FBI,” Guilfoyle said. “Shame on those that really tried to remove a duly elected president from the Oval Office, from the White House because they wanted a do-over.”

Screenshot/Twitter; Crowd at Penn State at the Thomas Building.

“[The media] is bragging as if they’re proud they deceived the American people to think that there’s still something more,” Kirk said of the mainstream media’s coverage of the Mueller Report.

In the midst of debating news and current events, like the Green New Deal, four protestors were escorted out. These protestors repeatedly harassed the conservative speakers during the Q-and-A session of the event.

The protestors were escorted out by the event police, and, again, a “U-S-A” chant emerged.

Guilfoyle yelled loudly, “Bye, Felicia!” as the protestors were exiting from the lecture hall.

The question-and-answer portion of the event began with a question about the Trump administration, asking which large accomplishment is not being discussed in the media.

“To me…it’s really been his ability and willingness to push back on ‘PC’ culture; to push back on the crap,” Trump Jr. said.

Another attendee asked more of the Mueller Report:

“It accomplished a big part of what [the left] hoped it would do,” Trump Jr. said. “If they had time to send 50,000 text messages, what the hell were they doing for a day job?”

The trio continued to touched on the “struggles” of conservatives on a college quad:

“There are real life consequences to being a conservative and being vocal about it,” Trump Jr. said. “They have been demonized, bastardized, hated left and right by the fake news media who’s saying they’re terrible people.”

Moreover, they also spoke of college loans and how “wrong” they are:

“I call it the ‘Game of Loans,’ because it’s a system that is rigged against everyone in this room,” Kirk said. “The graduation rate for four-year college is 59%…For whatever reason in our society, [we treat people who work as plumbers, electricians and carpenters] with less dignity and less respect — and that is wrong.”

Guilfoyle said that college students will “actually get a job under this economy,” so now students will “be able to pay back some of those loans and be part of this whole… economic metric that the president has been able to achieve.”

At the end of the event, the speakers thanked the students for coming. “My hats off to everyone in this room for being here,” said Trump Jr.

“You are that next generation” – Trump Jr.

According to the Daily Collegian, Vice President of the Turning Point USA chapter at Penn State, Trevor Grim, said his chapter expected protests.

“They didn’t want to engage in dialogue,” Grim said. “They wanted to interrupt.”

The attendee had much to say about the event. One student said that it was “eye-opening.”

“[Going into the event] I didn’t have a ton of expectations because this is the first political thing I’ve gone to,” the attendee said. “It furthered a lot of things I already believed, but I was really surprised by some people that were super angry about stuff — I didn’t really understand it. People are different; people think different things. It’s got to be more of a conversation than an argument.”

Trump Jr. tweeted afterwards that events such as these are “the left’s worst nightmare!”

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