On Friday, May 17, Candace Owens, the former Communications Director for Turning Point USA, and is currently associated with PragerU, had a post taken down by Facebook.

She voiced her outrage over Twitter, posting a picture of the notification.

Facebook took down the post because, “We have Community Standards to encourage people to express themselves and connect with each other in a way that’s respectful to everyone.”

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Candace tweeted “Wherever liberal policies reign supreme, Black America is under threat. Abortion, Illegal immigration, welfare traps which encourage father absence—these are progressive policies that lead to regressive results for my community. Facebook is fearful that black ppl r waking up.”

Two hours later, after gaining attention, Facebook allowed her tweet to go back up.

“WOW! Update!@facebook has restored my page! While I am grateful that I have a large enough platform to make noise and force reconsideration— what about the millions of people who do not?

What about the millions of conservatives who are forever silenced on social media?”

Candace Owens is concerned for people with no major influence that are being censored on social media, in which platforms such as Facebook refuse to put the original post back up. Her statements imply that the only reason her post was put back up was because she can draw negative attention to Facebook. Intentions aside, censorship is a violation of the freedom of speech.

If Facebook doesn’t face negative backlash for taking down the post of a smaller account, they won’t feel a need to restore it.

Donald Trump Jr. commented on the issue in a tweet.

Censorship on social media is growing, and whether or not there’s a trend of it targeting conservatives, censorship is antithetical to American ideals.

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