Turning Point USA joined Turning Point UK in Nottingham to discuss free markets, limited government, personal responsibility, and one’s duty to others.

Charlie Kirk, TPUSA founder and president, and Candace Owens, the Director of Communications, joined TPUK influencer Joel Chilaka and TPUK chairman George Farmer on stage.

Kirk and Owens were welcomed to the venue by protestors shouting mantras and holding signs, claiming to be standing against racism. Of course, Kirk and Owens welcomed the leftist activists inside; they declined.

Owens probed the protestors’ argument deeper, beginning to ask them questions. She discovered that the protestors did not believe TPUSA was a racist organization; rather, they simply “didn’t like Trump,” as she said.

Owens addressed this while speaking, saying that putting up the front of fighting against racism allows for progressives to be “hateful human beings. It allows them to be the racists that they are.”

“They’re holding signs that say they’re against fascism, but they’re the ones that are against free speech and us having a conversation,” Owens continued.

“Progressives don’t care about racism, they don’t care about black people. They care about using [black people] as shields so they can go after their opponent.”

“The left would rather protest something that is not happening than come in here and engage with an honest discussion,” Kirk said in response.

After an opening speech of all the speakers journeys and involvements with Turning Point USA and Turning Point UK, the group opened the floor to questions.

One attendee questioned the group’s response to protestors, asking how TPUSA and TPUK combats ineffectual discourse while staying relevant.

Owens said that the organization continually attends event that they appear not welcome at, where protestors want to shut down the event entirely.

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Kirk went on to say that conservatives will never do what the left continually does, meaning “picket, protest, and demand events don’t happen…” He continues by saying Owens and himself are subject to “infiltrations of our events, pulling of fire alarms, sometimes physical violence…”

“If a leftist decided to go on a public piece of property – where there is a predominant conservative student body – they would have meet with a lot of ‘have a great day,’ ‘thank you for being here,’ ‘tell me what you think,'” Kirk strongly said.

“There is only one side that is the intolerant side.” – Kirk

To which Owens rhetorically asked, “what is the conservative ANTIFA?” There was no response from the inquirer.

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Kirk and Owens delved more into left-wing violence on conservatives, arguing that conservatives would disassociate themselves with anyone who commits violence immediately, unlike that of the organizers on the left. At this point, Chilaka joined the quarrel.

“[Leftist] do [liberals] a disservice when you come here so calmly to debate and the rest of them will be outside protesting, and you’re all lumped together because you vote for the same parties,” Chilaka elucidated.

Another attendee asked the group about voting blocks and racial monopolies within LGBT, black, and other minority groups.

Chillaka fired back, saying, “Let’s remove this whole identity policy that says, okay, because you’re gay you have to vote a certain way, because you’re black you have to vote a certain way. That’s what we’re rioting against.”

Owens added to the discussion, explaining, “you have to pull back 30, 40, 50, 60 years to find racism… America is not a racist society, the UK is not a racist society, and the people that demand that it is and want to keep going backwards are the people that want to control black people emotionally…”

The group touched on many other issues such as free markets within the UK, healthcare systems, the National Health Service’s allocation of tax dollars, voting issues, and other problematic political areas within the UK.

Watch Kirk’s and Owen’s full UK visit:

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