On April 3rd, 2019, Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens, and Dave Rubin hosted a Campus Clash event at Louisiana State University. The trio did a question and answer segment for the students of LSU after their main speech.

One of the first questions received was designated for Candace Owens. An audience member asked about the problems facing the black community in America today.

The audience member said that “black males are probably the most people in prison,” trying to point toward white supremacy and racial inequality in America today.

Candace fired back with “What are they locking us up for? Are they locking us up because we’re black?”

“The reason that we’re being locked up the most is because we’re committing the most crimes. We have to fix our communities.”

Candace’s general argument was that it is not whites holding down blacks, but it is black culture holding down blacks.

“The idea that white supremacy is the thing that’s stopping black america is a complete and utter myth.”

Candace elucidated that Blacks back in America today are being held down by Democratic Party policy. In particular, Lyndon Johnson’s great society act.

“The destruction of the black family happened because of democrats and what they did in the nineteen sixties, l.b.j. and his great society act and the welfare system”

She pushed an argument that is contrary to many modern leftist beliefs.  She said that it is Blacks today that are holding other Blacks down. Candace Owens made clear the root of the problems was Democrats, not Republicans.

Watch the full LSU Campus Clash:

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