Turning Point USA’s Director of Communications, Candace Owens, appeared on Fox New’s “Ingraham Angle” Wednesday, April 10.

Owens addressed her explosive House Judiciary Committee hearing, her confrontation with Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA), and called the hearing, in its entirety, a hoax. This interview was the first appearance she has had since the hearing.

“I think in many ways people on the Right felt vindicated. I know there are a lot of moderate people that came over and realized that what I was talking about were actually real issues in black America,” Owens said.

Owens explained that black Americans are facing an overabundance of issues, yet the left wants to focus on items like white nationalism.

As Owens said in her opening statement at the hearing, she believes that the “legacy and ancestry of black Americans is being insulted every single day.”

“I will not pretend to be a victim in this country.”

Owen’s appearance on Fox News was extremely tense, as civil rights attorney Leo Terrell challenged Owens about her remarks.

“So you did a great job of promoting yourself and playing the victim,” Terrell told Owens.

“I’m not going to play these playground tactics with you. I’m going to keep the focus on black America,” Owens said sharply.

“Just because you disagree with [the left] you can not assume that [the left] want[s] black people to fail,” Terrell stated.

“I did and I believe that.  And I will back it up with facts,” Owens fired back, before Ingraham got control of the segment.

Watch the full segment: 

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