Cardinal Dolan among Prominent Clergy to Pray at Inauguration

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Six prominent clergy members which including a Catholic cardinal, two minority Protestant leaders and a Hebrew rabbi are scheduled to pray at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Cardinal Dolan’s appearance could just be another visible sign of a mass party switch over for Catholic Americans, as they voted in droves for the president-elect, now leaving the Democratic party.

According to the Washington Post Cardinal Timothy Dolan will be joined by the Rev. Franklin Graham, Rabbi Marvin Hier, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez and Pastor Paula White. All will either read passages of scripture or pray on January 20th.

This group of clergy had mixed opinions on Trump’s policy but are now coming together for the better good. The inaugural committee clergy list including Jackson and White,  associated with Trump during his campaign and worked nonstop with the president-elect. Rodriguez on the other hand, spoke out against Trump’s views on immigration and other issues of importance to his parishioners.

The clergy will feature the first rabbi since Ronald Reagan’s second inauguration in 1985. In past inaugurations, there are usually only two clergy members, but in usual Trump fashion he “outshines the competition”.

Dolan, the archbishop of New York, is the most prominent Catholic official in the United States and on Wednesday, he said in a statement,

“I am honored to have been asked to offer a reading from Scripture at the upcoming presidential inauguration, and look forward to asking Almighty God to inspire and guide our new President and to continue to bless our great Nation.”

Another clergy member tapped for the service is Rev. Franklin Graham who has been a longtime Conservative activist. Graham also prayed at the inauguration of George W. Bush in 2001 and is the son of famed evangelist Billy Graham who now runs the association named for his father and the charity Samaritan’s Purse. Graham consistently  defended Trump throughout his campaign against charges that the businessman went against Christian values.

This list of clergy attending the inauguration does in fact signal the rebirth of the Christian-Judeo roots and values that have been distorted and lamed by the Obama administration. This  added onto the religious influence of his vice president, Mike Pence, will show that religion will have a clear cut influence on the incoming administration.

(h/t Washington Post)

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