Catholic Priest Compares The Mafia To Abortion: Who Is The Cause Of More Deaths?

Catholic Priest Compares The Mafia To Abortion: Who Is The Cause Of More Deaths?

An Italian Catholic priest was recently the center of attention when he dared to compare abortion to the many murders linked to the Mafia. His Facebook post came in response to one of the country’s worst Mafia boss’s dying of cancer.

Don Francesco Piero voiced his pro-life opinions on Facebook

Bologna priest Don Francesco Piero is a staunch pro-life advocate. After the passing of Mafia killer Totò Riina, the priest took to social media to pose this question: “Who has more innocent deaths on their conscience, Totò Riina or Emma Bonino?”, He asked on Facebook. The priest also said that morally, there is no difference between abortion and the Mafia.

Emma Bonino is a big promoter of abortion in Italy. She is the founder of CISA (Information Centre on Sterilization and Abortion), which led to the introduction of the legalization of abortion in Italy. She is an active advocate for women’s rights and has been involved in politics since 1976.

Nicknamed as “The Beast” and “The Boss of Bosses,” Totò Riina was responsible for over 150 deaths. Joining the Mafia at age 19, Riina murdered to gain entry. He quickly became popular and rose in ranks. In 1970, Riina rose to power and took over the Corleonesi faction when his predecessor was arrested and imprisoned.

PC: Totò Riina’s Mugshot/Wikimedia Commons

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Emma Bonino accused Catholic Priest Don Francesco Piero of insulting millions of women

Emma Bonino
PC: Emma Bonino/Flickr

Emma Bonino expressed her disgust at being compared to a Mafia boss. “Insults reflect on those who make them, not those who receive them,” she posted on Twitter. She acknowledged that Don Francesco Piero used her name to represent the millions of women who, in different ways, have experienced the trauma of abortion. She knows that abortion is no easy decision for any woman and believes that the offense was not directed towards her but to the millions of women.

Abortion has been legal in Italy since 1978

Five years after abortion became legal in the United States, Italy passed a similar law which allows abortion for any reason up to 90 days. Any women 18 or older have the option of seeking an abortion from a hospital, clinic, or a physician. Second-trimester abortions are performed only if the woman’s life is in grave danger. Women under 18 need the approval of their parents or the court. Since 1978, there have been millions of abortions in Italy which have far surpassed the killings of Totò Riina.

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