Celebrities: Please Just Stop

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Celebrities!?! What are you doing?!?! We just talked about this with the video about getting electors to not vote for Trump!

Okay, these celebrity PSA’s need to stop now.  Much to my disgust a group of Hollywood celebrities have come out with another anti Trump PSA video.  It started with a video to “Save The Day” encouraging people to vote for Donald Trump, then there was a “Message for Electors to Unite for America” and now we have this new video encouraging the members of congress to stand up to President Trump.

So fasten your seat belts and get ready for another dose of coastal elitism.


I apologize for putting you through that, but I think it is important to highlight just how tone deaf the Hollywood establishment has been when it comes to their response to Trump’s Presidency.

Hell, I don’t even disagree with some of their message here.  I also want Congress to stand up to President Trump when he overreaches or tries to enact something like a blanket “Muslim Ban”, but the difference is that I’ve wanted every Congress to stand up to every President, because I am skeptical of Executive authority, not because I am upset that my Gal Pal Hillary lost.

Hollywood elites are so out of touch with everyday folks that they can’t even fathom how one person could have voted for Trump, let alone enough to make him the President of the United States.  So their response is to do what they always do, get in front of a camera and say something heartfelt, because they are so self important that they believe someone actually cares.

This is a perfect demonstration of the liberal elitism that has caused working class folks to abandon the Democratic Party.  Your entire argument can’t be trotting famous people up on TV to talk about how mean Trump and the Republicans are.

But hey keep it up celebrities.  At this rate Trump you are just ensuring eight years of a Trump administration.

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