Celebrities: We Don’t Care About Your Political Opinions

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I thought that the election of Donald Trump for President would demonstrate to Hollywood elites that lecturing people in online videos does not make people want to vote for their candidate, but apparently that message hasn’t fully sunk in yet.

It all started with the Save the Day campaign directed by Joss Whedon which included videos of dozens of celebrities attacking Donald Trump and encouraging all of us to get out and vote for Hillary Clinton.  The videos came just short of saying that Hillary was unanimously endorsed by the entire Avengers Team.

Nothing made me want to vote for Donald Trump more than this video. The video even mocks itself for how many famous people it trotted out to attack Donald Trump.  As it turns out we as individuals are all pretty capable of deciding who we want to be President without some of the folks who happen to be in movies that we like telling us how to vote.  Who on Earth was planning to vote for Donald Trump but then saw this video and thought “well if Taran Killam wants me to vote for Hillary then I guess I just gotta.”

My feelings were summed up pretty well in this response video.

Well unfortunately celebrities didn’t take to heart anything that the voters had to say to them on Election Day, because they are back at it again with another similarly styled video attempting to get Republican electors to vote for somebody other than Trump.  In an incredibly desperate move it seems these celebrities wish us to throw democracy out entirely and install a moderate Republican such as John Kasich or Jon Huntsman as the President by throwing the vote to the House of Representatives.


Now don’t get me wrong, I love the West Wing as much as any political nerd, but playing the President on TV doesn’t suddenly make Martin Sheen some remarkable political authority.

The problem with the Democratic Party in this election is that they have started moving over to being the party of the elite and college educated.  If one of their main campaign strategies is going to continue to be trotting out rich Hollywood types to tell folks about how Republicans are mean or stupid, it is going to be a long time in the wilderness for our Democratic friends.

I was never Trump’s biggest fan, but I loved his ability to get under the skin of the snobbish high society folks in the media and in entertainment.

So just like the voters did in the election I really hope all the Republican electors seen a message to these celebrities, who probably look down their nose at anyone who doesn’t live on one of the coasts, that we just don’t care about their political opinions. Because in a voting booth you and I have an equal say even with someone who has a hit show or an Oscar nomination, because they don’t know what is best for us.  We do.

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