Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee Praises Turning Point USA

Turning Point USA’s vision, mission, and conservative advocacy has become such a facsimile of American values that the top conservative leaders are fully embracing and praising it.

Business Insider reports that while on stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference in early March, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said, “People like Candace Owens, like Charlie Kirk, we need more leaders like that.”

McDaniel, along with other notable conservative figures such as President Donald Trump, see the leaders of Turning Point USA as the leaders of the conservative movement and future leaders of the Republican party, BI details.

While at CPAC, Turning Point USA Founder, Charlie Kirk, spoke about his on-campus organization:

“If there’s one thing we take away from what this president has taught us, it’s that when we, as a movement, fight, we win.  And it seems as if the last thirty years, we’ve been afraid to fight.”

Kirk added, “We must do what is right — what is correct, and stand for the truth… I see a conservative movement that will stand for the dignity of all people.”

Just as the Turning Point USA founder plans to stand for what is right, conservatives across the nation stood for Hayden Williams, the college student aggressively attacked in mid February while tabling for TPUSA.

The President himself brought Williams on stage during his speech at CPAC.  Williams addressed the ever changing college campus, saying, “If these socialist progressives had their way, they would put our Constitution through the paper shredder in a heartbeat.”

The crowd at CPAC gave Williams and President Trump a standing ovation, chanting, “USA! USA! USA!,” Breitbart reported.

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