As of May 9, 2019, President Donald Trump intends to make his acting Secretary of Defense, Patrick Shanahan, the permanent replacement of James Mattis, his former Secretary of Defense.

“Based upon his outstanding service to the Country and his demonstrated ability to lead, President Trump intends to nominate Patrick M. Shanahan to be the Secretary of Defense.,” Said Sarah Sanders in a tweet.

Sanders went spoke about Shanahan’s qualifications for the position. She talked about his past experience, including Deputy Secretary of Defense and Vice President of Supply Chain Operations at Boeing.

“acting secretary shanahan has proven over the last several months that he is beyond qualified to lead the department of defense.”

Charlie Kirk, founder and CEO of Turning Point USA, voiced his support of the President’s decision in a tweet later the same day:

Vice President Mike Pence also voiced his support of the nominationvia a statement in a tweet:

Patrick Shanahan has years of formative experience preparing him for the position of Secretary of Defense. With support of others within the Department of Defense and the Trump administration, Shanahan will help to keep America’s military the most powerful in the world.

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